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   Chapter 365 Ashley’s Design Had Disappeared

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 6516

Updated: 2019-11-28 05:25

'Am I dreaming? Are Ashley and I okay now? Plus, it looks she's starting to trust me again, ' Andrew thought to himself.

Upon noticing that Ashley seemed to be staring at the ceiling, he asked, "What's wrong? What are you thinking about?"

Ashley said, "I'm thinking about the design competition tomorrow. I'm both excited and nervous."

Andrew gently rubbed Ashley's shoulder and comforted her, "Don't worry. Believe in yourself."

Ashley looked at Andrew and said, worried, "What if I don't believe in myself? I didn't major in jewelry design so I don't know the technical stuff. I don't think I'm good enough."

Andrew smiled as he replied "Are you forgetting that I'm your number one fan and that you'll always have my support? I'm an excellent teacher and I'm the one who taught you. So you have to believe in yourself."

Ashley looked at Andrew as she chuckled. She didn't expect Andrew to be this supportive.

He wasn't arrogant though. He was just the right amount of proud. Ashley liked it that he was like this.

Ashley then nodded and said, "Okay. I believe in you and I believe in me."

Andrew replied softly, "Okay. It's time to sleep. Good night."

They rarely just talked ever in bed because most of the time they flirted with each other or made love. Perhaps Andrew wanted to preserve Ashley's energy for the competition the next day.

Ashley inhaled Andrew's scent to relax herself. In no time at all, she had fallen fast asleep.

When Andrew gazed at Ashley who was sound asleep, his face softened.

He didn't tell Ashley that he was also attending the design competition the next day.

He didn't want Ashley to be so nervous and he wanted to surprise her. He wanted to be there for Ashley and support her.

The following day, Ashley and Andrew rode in the same car when they headed to work and they were perfectly fine.

The atmosphere around them seemed romantic.

Johnny was taken aback when he saw


Ashley tried to calm down as she racked her mind. She had brought the design to work yesterday. 'Where did I place it?' thought Ashley.

She then searched her desk but still, she couldn't find it.

She knew for sure that she placed it in her drawer yesterday. Where would it go?

Ashley said sadly, "I can't find it. I'm sure that I put it in the drawer yesterday."

After a few minutes of fruitlessly looking elsewhere, Amaia finally gave up. She then turned to Ashley and asked, "Would you have a spare design ready? Just use it for this round. This is an emergency. Anyway, this is just the first round. I doubt it'll be difficult already."

Ashley wanted to cry as she was already panicking. "No, I only had that design ready. My other designs aren't here. Amaia, what should I do?"

"Wait. Let me think. Okay, so you left your design here yesterday. If it's gone, it means someone took it because it wouldn't just disappear by itself. Someone took it so let's ask the others," Amaia said.

Both Ashley and Amaia left as soon as work finished so they see didn't who had stayed behind. Their only option was to ask around.

Ashley was already panicking. It was only until Amaia suggested the possibility that someone must have taken it that Ashley considered that idea.

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