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   Chapter 364 You Can’t Leave

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Hearing Ashley's words, Andrew slowed his pace down a bit but he still continued walking.

Seeing that Andrew was about to walk out of the room, Ashley yelled at him with a shrill voice, "Andrew, you can't leave. If you walk out of the room now, I will forget that you ever existed!"

Ashley was sure that she clearly saw something. When she held Andrew's hand, she felt his body temperature soaring.

Andrew stood there like a headstone in the dead of night. Beads of sweat were forming on his brow as he was at a loss on what he should do.

Actually, he had reconciled with Ashley a few minutes ago and he told her that he didn't want to leave.

However, he couldn't hide what happened to him if he didn't leave as soon as possible.

While Andrew was wrestling with his thoughts on what he should do, Ashley walked over to him, held his arms and rolled up his sleeves. Sure enough, she saw some dense red spots on Andrew's arms. It seemed that Andrew was having some sort of allergy attack.

Ashley looked at Andrew and worriedly asked him what happened to his arms.

Andrew didn't want Ashley to know the truth. He hid his arms behind his back, but his hands were currently being held tightly by Ashley. He was afraid that Ashley might fall down to the ground again if he pulled his hands back violently.

Andrew licked his lips and sealed his mouth, preventing any words to escape.

Seeing Andrew like this, Ashley couldn't help being anxious. "Andrew, what is going on? If you don't tell me, then I won't tell you anything about me," she told him with a concerned look on her face.

Andrew grew anxious after hearing those words. Looking at Ashley, Andrew couldn't find the right words to describe or explain what was happening to him. "Ash, don't worry. I'm just suffering from an allergy. I'll be fine after taking some medicine."


It seems that Andrew hasn't eaten anything that may make his allergies to act up, ' thought Ashley.

Later, she thought of the first time they had dinner. She remembered that she had seen similar spots on Andrew's body.

They ate many Sichuan dishes which were especially spicy during that day.

Ashley liked to eat spicy food. She al

y food but didn't refuse nor react when Ashley served him some.


Andrew loved her so much. That was why he tried to like everything that she liked.

That was the only reason.

It was simple but moving enough.

Andrew knew that Ashley would burst into tears if he told Ashley about his thoughts.

So, Andrew said, "I just wanted to taste them."

Only Andrew could think of such a lame reason at that moment.

Ashley would definitely figure out why Andrew would eat spicy food if she thought about it real hard.

'Why is Andrew so hard-headed? He can't eat spicy food but he still ate so much, ' thought Ashley.

She looked at Andrew, and declared in a serious tone, "You are not allowed to eat spicy food in the future. Do you understand? I will see to it that your allergies won't get triggered again."

'From now on, everything spicy is not allowed in our house. We'd better eat something light, ' Ashley thought.

Maybe this was love.

Ashley liked everything that Andrew liked. And Andrew was willing to like everything that Ashley liked.

Andrew happily replied, "Okay."

After making sure that there was nothing serious with Andrew anymore, Ashley said, "Well, it's late. Let's go to bed. We have to go to work tomorrow."

Andrew smiled and said, "Okay."

After taking a bath, they both lay down on the bed but weren't sleepy.

Ashley was deep in thought about the things she needed to work on in the company the following day.

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