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   Chapter 363 Andrew, Don't Move

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Andrew wiped the tears off Ashley's face and moved closer to her. Then he whispered to her in a soft voice, "No, no. You're my only one.

I can explain that. It's true that I had a meeting with the CEO of the Feng Group. I just didn't expect that it would be with Lesley. When I first saw her, I immediately wanted to leave. Just as I was about to leave, she stood up and faked falling into my arms. I didn't know that she had left a lipstick stain on my shirt.

My shirt smelled like her perfume. That's why I didn't want you to hug me. I wanted to shower first to get rid of the smell. All my clothes that day smelled like that so I threw them away."

This was probably the first time that Andrew's said so much and the first time he had explained himself to a woman so patiently.

He only did that because he loved Ashley so much.

Andrew placed his chin on Ashley's head as he hugged her tighter. He said gently, "So, no, I am not having an affair with anyone. You're my only one. Please stop crying, Ashley."

'Whenever you cry, I feel as if my whole world is falling apart.

So, please don't cry.

It's my fault, ' thought Andrew.

Ashley was still dazed. Even when Andrew had already explained himself, she still couldn't stop herself from crying.

"Then… why… did you ignore me for so long?" Ashley asked while sobbing.

Andrew sighed. Ashley had gone to see Ron that day. When she came back, she was already treating him coldly. He immediately connected it to Ron. He wasn't actually planning on ignoring her. He was just afraid that Ashley might leave him.

Andrew remained silent.

Ashley didn't know why she was so insistent. "Tell me!"

"Do you remember who you went to meet that day? You treated me coldly that day. I thought it's because you had feelings for him so..."


Andrew just ate whatever Ashley dumped on his plate. He was allergic to peppers. In fact, he hadn't eaten one since he was young. Francis had just told him that he couldn't eat spicy food anymore.

Andrew suddenly released Ashley and said, "Ash, I just remember I have a lot of things to deal with..."

Before Andrew could finish, Ashley hastily grabbed his hand and said, "What's wrong? Is it anything serious?"

Andrew couldn't meet her eyes. "Don't worry. I just need to tie up some loose ends at work. I'll be back later."

When Ashley grabbed Andrew's hand, she felt its temperature to be a little high.

It didn't help that Andrew was acting a bit strange too. It was getting late and she was wondering why Andrew couldn't put off whatever he was going to do for the next day.

As Ashley was in deep thought, Andrew suddenly released his grip on her, causing her to lose balance and almost falling to the floor.

As much as he wanted to help Ashley, he knew he had to go.

"Ash, just rest for now. I'll be back later," he hastily said, hoping to be able to leave right away.

Ashley narrowed her eyes, looked at Andrew who was just about to leave. Then she said, "Andrew, don't move!"

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