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   Chapter 362 Don't You Cry

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 6409

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"Yes, it's delicious."

The truth was, he didn't even know if the food was salty, sweet, or spicy.

He just chewed and swallowed mechanically whatever Ashley put into his plate. Even when he came across some very hot and spicy peppers, he continued to eat without making a single reaction.

He was becoming more and more anxious. He didn't know what to expect. He was convinced that his instincts were right as time passed. She was so gentle to him as she served food on his plate.

'Is she just waiting for the right moment to talk to me about it or is she going to ask me to let her go so she could be with the person she really loves?'

As he thought about it, his eyes turned cold. 'No way! I'd never do that. I'm never letting her go!'

Meanwhile, Ashley was thinking that since she had been treating him so well, it shouldn't be a problem if she suddenly started asking him her questions.

She hoped he would answer her questions honestly. In any case, she would respect his choice, she reminded herself.

However, on second thought, she realized she still wasn't ready to accept that scenario in case it would happen.

She shook her head in an attempt to clear her head. "Okay, if you want more, feel free to get more."

After dinner, Ashley took away the dishes and put them in the kitchen. Then she walked over to Andrew who still hadn't moved. She said, "We should go upstairs to talk."

Andrew trailed behind her as she climbed the stairs, taking one step at a time and watching her back.

When they got to the bedroom, Ashley closed the door and took a deep breath. She was trying to gather all her courage. 'You can do this, Ashley, ' she said inwardly.

After which, she turned to Andrew. When she spoke, she tried to level her voice. "Are you having an affair with another woman?"

Andrew was stunned.

'What's going on here?

What did she just say?

Why wouldn't she just s

arms around her.

Upon hearing what she'd said, his mind went blank.

'What is she talking about?

Lipstick mark on my clothes?'

He's never come close to any woman for them to be able to leave a lipstick stain on his clothes.

But he did remember throwing away the clothes. He couldn't remember why but he knew that ever since that, Ashley had changed towards him.

He remembered having dinner with Lesley about a week ago. He had originally made an appointment with her father. He just didn't know that Aaron would ask Lesley to go to dinner on his behalf. During that dinner, Lesley threw herself on him.

After that, his clothes smelled like her perfume. He couldn't stand it, so as soon as he got home, he changed out of those clothes and trashed them.

That same day, Ashely had gone to see Ron. Andrew had assumed that she had already fallen in love with him.

However, it seemed it wasn't true at all. It appeared that he had just assumed all of it.

She thought the same as he did. She was jealous and had gone on to assume so many things.

Now that he had seen the light, he felt stupid. He had been chasing his own tail. It was completely uncharacteristic of him to let it go on for so long. In addition to that, he had made her cry like a baby.

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