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   Chapter 361 I Won’t Let Go Of Her!

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 8147

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In fact, Andrew had finished dealing with everything in the company. But he didn't want to go back home. He wouldn't find Ashley there anyway.

Looking to his side, Johnny looked at Andrew, sitting indifferently and fiddling with his phone. He almost went mad!

Something must have happened to Andrew. Something was different, recently. So, he worked very hard as his assistant and tried to make things as smooth as possible for his boss. It was normal for him to work that way, day and night but he did his best even more.

He was like a spinning top that kept turning and never stopped. Naturally, he was exhausted. He couldn't keep up with his boss.

He simply wanted to find a soft bed, be carried off to dreamland and have a good sleep.

When Ashley called, Johnny glanced at his boss secretly. Without looking at him, Andrew told him that he wasn't allowed to answer the phone.

They both looked at the phone ringing. The harsh, blaring sound reverberated throughout the room. It kept ringing until it automatically stopped.

Unexpectedly, Andrew's mobile phone suddenly rang. Just seeing the expression on his boss' face, he knew it was a call from Ashley.

'It's understandable that Mr. Lu didn't allow me to answer Miss Mu's phone call. But why won't he answer it as well? What actually happened?

In the past, as long as Miss Mu called him, he would immediately be happy. The smile on his face was so obvious for everyone to see. He was at her beck and call. Why won't he answer it now? It's strange, ' Johnny mused.

Andrew read the message from the one he missed so dearly. She was asking him to go back to have dinner together and said that she had something important to discuss with him.

Panic and nervousness overcame him for the first time.

'Did she realize that she doesn't love me and now wanted him? Does she love her brother, Ron, who has always been good to her?' Andrew thought.

He subconsciously wanted to evade her and didn't want to go back. He never wanted to hear cruel words of rejection from Ashley's own mouth.

So, when the phone rang, he ignored it even if he wanted to hear her melodious voice.

He was afraid. He was afraid that Ashley would say something he hated, something he didn't want to hear. He was afraid that she would say she wanted to leave him for another man.

'She said she likes me. How come she wants to leave me now?' A crisis he never encountered before h

er or not.

When he reached out for the door to open it, his phone rang. Naturally, Ashley heard Andrew's ringtone.

After she hung the phone up, Ashley strode towards Andrew and expressionlessly said, "Welcome back. Wash your hands. Let's have dinner together."

Ashley made herself look serious. She thought she shouldn't smile at Andrew since she was going to ask him something. She worried that he might not answer her questions seriously if she smiled.

But in Andrew's eyes, it had another meaning.

Ashley indifferently spoke to him in a cold tone as if drawing a line between them.

She fled after saying her piece. Not all the food was served at the table yet. She needed to go back in and finish everything.

Andrew was more and more worried.

'Is she really determined to leave me?

Maybe this will be the last dinner that we'll be having together!' thought Andrew.

Andrew licked his lips sadly and walked to the table as he sat down absent-mindedly.

Ashley placed the last dish on the table and looked at Andrew sitting at the table. He was silent as he stared at her. She helped Andrew put some of the dishes on his plate as she went, "Have a taste. How is it?"

Her eyes sparkled with expectation as she waited for his response.

However, Andrew was preparing for the worst. He thought that it might be the last dinner they had together. And then after that, Ashley would leave him.

No matter how delicious the food was, he couldn't taste anything. He couldn't enjoy any of it.

However, he noticed the expectation in her voice and did his best to reply as casually as he could.

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