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   Chapter 360 Liar

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Andrew was completely ignoring him! Francis' eyes grew wide as he realized that he was fooled into coming here!

He pointed at Andrew with his finger, "You…" "You're still so calm and composed at this rate."

He smashed the gas and drove at full speed in order to get here as soon as possible, fearing that Andrew would do something reckless. But to his surprise, when he got here, what came into his view was this!

Francis' face showed clearly that he was deeply hurt.

Andrew lifted his eyelids slightly and gave him an indifferent look, without saying anything.

The message he conveyed to him was obvious. "Say more bullshit, you'll be thrown out the door."

Francis still got the feeling of being thrown out. So he had to shut up.

But in his heart, he was cursing Andrew with some kind of voodoo witchcraft. 'Damn it, Andrew! How dare you fool me?

I'll tell on you to Ashley!

You just wait!'

Thinking of Ashley, he again turned to look at Andrew, who was sitting on the couch and having a sullen face. Something must have happened between the two of them.

Otherwise, why did he stop him when he wanted to tell Ashley about that matter.

At first Francis thought Andrew was afraid that Ashley might be worried, so he wouldn't let him tell her. But from the situation he saw today, it wasn't the case.

Moreover, Ashley was acting strangely today too.

Francis started to form a picture in his mind.

He was a person who couldn't keep a secret and would easily spill the beans. And now that he felt like he discovered a secret, he became restless and couldn't keep it under wraps.

But, Andrew didn't speak, so he dared not utter a word and kept his mouth shut.

He could only check on Andrew secretly from time to time.

"Do you have anything to say?"

Andrew gave him a cold glance and asked lightly.

Andrew had gotten used to coming back to sleep by Ashley's side and holding her in his arms as she slept. Tonight Ashley went to spend the night in Ellie's place. Without the beauty in his arms, how could he fall asleep?

Luckily, he got himself a night owl to keep him company. The two of them sat on the couch doing nothing.

Like being injected with chicken blood, Francis nodded vigorously. "Yes, something important! A big deal! "About you and Ashley!"

Only then did Francis get his attention. Andrew turned to him and said, "Fine, go ahead,"

Without any hesitation, "Did you have a fight with Ashley?" asked Francis.

"Well, yes."


At the office, the designing contest had been going on in full swing. Tomorrow, they would start to evaluate and select the winners. So when Ashley stepped into the office, everyone's tense faces could be clearly seen.

Everyone looked serious, except for Ashley and Amaia.

Amaia had always been carefree and let things go their own course. And the contest wasn't really a big deal to her.

Meanwhile, Ashley was in fact, nervous. However, it didn't show in her demeanor.

The day passed by quickly but busily and when it was time to get off work, Ashley took a last glance at the design. She made a satisfied nod and put it back into her drawer.

It was same as usual, she didn't see Andrew when she went to the big tree.

She felt at a loss.

The driver today was Josef. She wondered what Johnny was doing now. She was not used to Josef and didn't know how to interact with him.

Josef was less talkative than Johnny. He drove quietly and brought Ashley back to the villa.

After she got to the villa, Ashley made a call to Johnny but he didn't answer.

Ashley thought for a while and then made a call to Andrew too, but the result was the same. Nobody answered.

Ashley frowned. 'What's the matter? Why is no one answering? Are they both busy?'

A moment later, she sent a message to Andrew, "Come home to have dinner. I have something to talk to you about."

In the office, Andrew was sitting behind his desk and Johnny stood by his side. He was holding onto his cellphone when he received a message. His fingers clicked on it swiftly as he stared at the screen, his expression remained unreadable and nobody knew what was on his mind.

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