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   Chapter 359 Expert In Love and Relationships

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 6405

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Ellie stopped in her tracks when she heard Ashley comment that her bed smelled like the musk of a man. She paused and looked at Ashley who was looking at her inquisitively. She threw her towel at Ashley and said playfully, "Ashley, stop making fun of me.

What man smell? I think you're just missing Andrew, aren't you?"

Ashley dodged the towel that was thrown at her and moved farther. "Not at all," she said coldly.

The two bantered for a while before getting ready to sleep. As they lay on the bed, Ashley still couldn't shake off the feeling that there was some hint of a familiar scent. She just couldn't figure out what it was.

She turned to look at Ellie and asked seriously, "Has anyone else slept on this bed? I mean, except for you. I can still smell it."

"No, really. Maybe it's because you've been sleeping next to Andrew for so long that you've gotten used to his smell. So whenever you go sleep, you tend to think of it, don't you?" Ellie suggested.

"I don't think that's possible and please don't mention him anymore," Ashley said, pursing her lips.

"Oh, right. What's going with you two? Did you two have a fight? Or are you having some kind of war? I never thought that these types of things would happen to you two."

"We're just human. Why wouldn't it happen to us?" Ashley responded.

Ellie rubbed her back to comfort her and said, "All right. Then can you tell me what happened between you two now?"

Ashley moved her head to lean on Ellie's shoulder and said, sniffing her nose, "Andrew had an affair."

Ellie looked at her, astonished. "Had an affair? Did I hear that correctly?"

"Yes, you heard that correctly. He has another woman. I saw the evidence. He had lipstick marks all over his clothes. And he wouldn't let me get close to him or touch him. He ended up throwing the clothes away. You tell me. If he wasn't guilty, why would he behave like that? Men are tr

Ellie was a bit irked as she responded, "Just because I haven't had the meat doesn't mean I don't recognize the animal. Sometimes, outsiders have the better perspective. You should know that.

You're just completely blinded by this small thing. If you two don't do anything, what's going to happen to your relationship then?"

Ashley reflected upon it for a while and said, "You're probably right.

But do I just go and ask him directly? I don't think I can do that." She looked at Ellie with doubt in her eyes.

"Why can't you? You're his wife. It's only natural that you ask him about it. What are you scared of?"

"I'm not scared," Ashley argued.

"Then go and confront him tomorrow," Ellie challenged.

"Okay, I'm not scared of him."

"Okay, let's sleep now. We need to go to work tomorrow," Ellie urged her.

"Okay, okay," said Ashley, yawning.

Since that night when she saw the lipstick marks on Andrew's shirt, Ashley hadn't slept well. This was the first night that she had gotten a good sleep because she was sleeping in a place she was comfortable in.

Meanwhile, in another part of the city, Francis was still sitting on the couch. He looked pissed off as he looked at the man who was acting as if he wasn't there and nothing had happened.

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