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   Chapter 358 Huh

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At that time, Andrew was at the Lu Group building.

Johnny was reporting Ashley's schedule as he stood in front of Andrew.

"Miss Mu went to her cake shop and went back with Miss Su at 5 o'clock in the afternoon. They were picked up by Miss Nan. They're probably home now," Johnny said.

He didn't know whether Andrew was listening to him because Andrew was looking at his phone as he spoke.

What he didn't know was that Andrew was actually looking at a photo of Ashley. The photo was of Ashley asleep, her eyes softly closed and her black hair elegantly resting on the pillow.

Her skin was delicate and fair without any trace of pores. The photo was a lovely capture of Ashely enjoying her peace as she lay in bed.

Seeing that Andrew was a little absent-minded, Johnny prompted, "Mr. Lu?"

Andrew glanced at Johnny and said indifferently, "What?"

Johnny then repeated himself, "Miss Mu is in Miss Su's house now."

Andrew seemed to be in a daze, still he didn't say a word. After a while, he just nodded.

It was dark outside. If one stood in front of the French window, it offered a beautiful view of the city.

It was easy to see the outside world.

This was the highest floor in J City and also the private office of Andrew. Apart from Andrew, only Johnny could enter it.

Johnny was curious as to why Andrew and Ashley had been in a cold war.

'Mr. Lu's been like this for about a week now, ' he thought.

He looked at Andrew and hesitated whether he should ask Andrew or not.

Andrew glanced at Johnny and said, "You can say whatever you want to say."

Johnny then asked, "Mr. Lu, did you have a fight with Miss Mu?"

'Why aren't you home yet? It's already so late! Before, you'd always check your watch until it's time to get off work because you couldn't wait.

It's long past after working hours and yet you're still here and keeping track of Miss Mu, ' he pondered.

Andrew glared back at Johnny. Johnny didn't press further.

Then he said, "Mr. Lu, if you don't need anythi

d because of her. She had set their paths to lead to one another.

At that moment, Ashley felt regretful.

Ellie couldn't help but wonder what Ashley's reasoning for saying that was. So, she asked, "Well?"

Ashley looked at Ellie seriously and said, "Ellie, promise me that you won't fall in love with him. He is not your Mr. Right."

Ellie stopped washing vegetables for a few seconds. "Why? What's wrong with him? I thought you said you liked him?"

Ashley looked at Ellie in horror and asked, "Ellie, have you fallen in love with Francis?"

Ellie was able to avoid her question because she pointed to the pot and said, "The vegetables are going to get overcooked. Watch the pot!"

Ashley quickly looked at the vegetables in the pot. Ellie was successful in steering the conversation elsewhere.

After a while, they finished cooking. They cooked the meat and vegetable dishes—both their favorites.

After dinner, they washed the dishes and then headed to Ellie's bedroom.

As soon as Ashley lay down on the bed, she sat up and looked at Ellie then blurted out, "Ellie, your bed smells strange."

Ellie was drying her hair. She asked, "What smell?"

Ashley sniffed the quilt and then said, "It smells like a man! Yes, definitely, it smells like the musk of a man! Ellie, will you be honest with me? What have you been doing?"

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