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   Chapter 356 Miserable Francis

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Ashley nodded in agreement. "Yes, you're probably right."

The girls hung out until it was time to get off work. Ashley meanwhile didn't seem to want to leave.

Ellie looked at her, seemingly puzzled. "Why hasn't he come to pick you up?"

'Isn't he normally punctual? He's always here at five o'clock sharp. It doesn't matter if there's a rainstorm or a hurricane—he has never been late. Not even a minute late.

Even if he needed to work overtime, he would have asked somebody to come and pick her up.

What's going on?

Did he forget?'

Ashley turned, wanting nothing more than to leave. She really wasn't in the mood to talk about it.

This didn't go unnoticed by Ellie's sharp eyes. She squinted then raised her voice, "Ashley, stop!"

'Ahhh, ' Ashley thought to herself. 'Why do we need to talk about it now? I'm not ready to talk about it just yet.'

She slowly swiveled and put on a fake smile. "What is it, Ellie? Nina and Cheryl have already left. Let's get our things and leave too."

Ellie ignored what she said and asked her instead, "What's happening? Isn't Andrew coming to pick you up? Did you two have a fight?"

Ashley pressed her lips together and said, "Why would we fight?"

"Then what's the matter?" Ellie wouldn't let it go.

"Just forget about it," said Ashley, her face turning ugly.

Ellie approached her so she could hug her. Then in a soft voice, she asked, "What happened? You used to tell me everything. We never keep anything from each other. Why won't you tell me now?"

She was almost sure that they did have a fight. But they didn't look like the type of couple who would fight.

As Ashley let herself be enveloped in Ellie's arms, she felt her sadness surge inside her. She murmured, "Ellie, let's go home first. We can talk there, okay?"

Ellie agreed. "All right. Let's go home first. We c

Let's go. Or we won't be able to catch the bus."

Upon hearing this, Ashley released her hand and glared at Francis.

"Okay, let's go, Ellie!"

Francis, meanwhile, looked dumbfounded. 'Catch the bus?'

"Ellie, are you going to take the bus? Why not take my car? I can drive you." Francis tried to stop them by standing in their way.

He looked at Ellie, trying to gain her sympathy.

While Ellie was moved, she couldn't as she had to be there for Ashley who was having a rough day. She had promised Ashley she would keep her company tonight.

Ellie turned to Ashley and looked at her as if to ask what her decision was.

Francis couldn't help but blame Andrew. 'Why isn't he taking care of his wife? Now I can't spend time with Ellie because she's too busy with Ashley!

What's wrong with him? Doesn't he want to be with his wife?

Ever since they had gotten married, he had never allowed her to sleep in Ellie's house. Not even for a night! Why didn't he pick up Ashley today?'

Francis never thought that Andrew and Ashley ever fought.

'Andrew's just that kind of person. If he loves someone, he'll love them wholeheartedly. He adores Ashley. He'd never fight with her.'

But this time, Francis was wrong.

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