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   Chapter 354 Annoying Things

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Hannah didn't try to hide her feelings. So it was easy for Angelina to read them.

It was obvious that she wanted Angelina to get married to a rich man that could help them have a better life.

Hannah had thought of this ever since Angelina grew up to be a beautiful lady. She started blooming a few years ago.

She prioritized marrying rich over anything else but Angelina strived to study hard and get good grades. Angelina persuaded them to let her pursue higher education with the promise of earning more.

Upon hearing this, Angelina said impatiently, "Mother, I've already told you that we're just regular, old friends! Will you just let it go? Because it's never going to happen. Do you think that I'm that type of girl that every man will fall head over heels in love with? There are so many more beautiful women out there."

This was the first time that Angelina had said so much to her family and her tone was dripping with sarcasm.

Angelina just wanted Hannah to let it go. That was why she had spoken so much.

Surprisingly, Hannah suddenly stood up and raised her voice. "Well, now I see why you don't want to come home. It looks like you've been busy with other people. You look down upon us, don't you?

Are you sure that you're just being friends? A regular friend wouldn't drive you back so late. Plus he drove you back. Do you think that I'm just some three-year old child that can be fooled easily?" Hannah shouted angrily.

Jacob chimed in, "Angelina, are you that rich person's mistress?"

Although he spoke in a low voice, everyone in the living room could still hear what he had said since the living room was so small.

The more Jacob thought about it, the more likely he thought that it was true. 'Otherwise, why would Angelina insist that they were just friends?' he thought to himself.

He knew a little about the situation of being a mistress. A mistress was similar to a secret lover. They couldn't reve

ley and Andrew practically grew up together. They're a match made in heaven, '

Ashley thought, feeling upset.

As she stared off into nothing, she tightly embraced her pillow.

Sitting on the table in front of her was a steaming bowl of congee. However, Ashley seemed to be way too deep in her own thoughts to notice it.

Suddenly, Ashley stood up. The pillow on her lap fell on the bowl on the table.

Bang! The bowl fell to the ground.

"Ah!" Ashley cried out.

Thankfully, there was a blanket on the floor that cushioned the bowl's fall. Still, it was broken.

The congee had spilled all over the floor. Luckily, Ashley was wearing pajamas or she could have been burned.

Still, some congee had splashed on Ashley's feet which made her jump. She took a few steps back.

Some parts of her feet were now red and swollen.

Upon hearing the noise, Claire quickly dropped what she was doing and ran out of the kitchen to check on Ashley.

"Miss Mu, what happened?" Claire asked.

When she saw the congee on the floor, she then said, "Are you okay? Miss Mu, were you hurt? I'll get you some medicine right away."

Ashley hadn't eaten that day so Claire decided to cook congee for her. She hoped that Ashley would eat it but she didn't expect that it would spill on the floor.

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