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   Chapter 353 Disgusting Thought

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Indeed, this place was located on the hillside at the suburban area of J City. The air was chilly and the view was beautiful.

The only disadvantage was that it was really far from downtown J City.

It took about two hours to get to the downtown area.


Well, Angelina, do you remember that you had a jade pendant when you were young? It's dark green, water-drop-shaped. Mom and Dad gave each of us one when you were three years old."

Angelina was puzzled, "Jade pendant?"

"Yes," said Jeremy.

"I don't know... I think I have some sort of vague recollection but I can't remember that much," Angelina mused.

"It's okay. Never mind, if you don't remember," Jeremy said.

"Is that jade pendant important?" asked Angelina, with hesitation.

"No, don't worry. It's not very important. I'll give you a new one next time," said Jeremy, trying to dispel her doubt.

How could the jade pendant not be important?

It was a tailor-made pendant ordered by their parents when Camelia was three years old and Jeremy six years old.

Their names were engraved on each of the jade pendants. It meant a lot to them.

However, it was good enough for him that he was able to find his sister. If the pendant was lost, it wasn't an issue.

Angelina felt her heart beating fast.

The only reason was that as much as she tried to rack her brain to find any memory of that pendant, she couldn't.

She saw the look on Jeremy's face and she could tell it was something meaningful.

How could she not have any memory of the pendant, if it was so important?

However, she just couldn't remember it.

There were only two possibilities.

One was that she had never seen that jade pendant. It had never existed in her life.

The other possibility was because she had been very sick when she was a child, she must have completely lost her memory of it.

But for reasons she didn't know, she felt that the fi

lina, who was that guy? Does he have a crush on you? What's his family like?"

She knew that this adopted daughter of hers was beautiful. Since she started going to junior high school, a lot of boys wanted to pursue her.

Jacob had completely convinced her. Angelina was very beautiful so it was definitely possible that she'd attract a rich man.

Angelina frowned, feeling disgusted at the whole family.

This was the reason why she seldom came back home.

"I told you. He was just a friend. If he was so rich, he wouldn't like me," Angelina simply said.

Hannah looked at her displeased and said, "Angelina, why do you speak like that? You are very pretty. It would be completely understandable if a rich man took a liking in you. Tell me, where does he live? What kind of family is he from? Is his family rich? You see, you have to develop a relationship with him. I think he is good for you."

'If Angelina ends up marrying him, that would be great. His car alone is worth over a million. Imagine how rich his family really is!

If Angelina marries him then our family wouldn't have to worry for the rest of our lives.

Our friends will be so jealous of us!'

She felt excited as she thought of this.

How she wished Angelina could marry that man immediately!

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