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   Chapter 352 Happy Reunion

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Belinda frowned, displeased. It looked like Camelia's life wasn't as good as she was claiming.

Perhaps only Jeremy could confirm or deny this.

Belinda thought she could make up for all that she had suffered in her foster family.

After all, they had raised Camelia and supported her for such a long time.

It looked like she should get back to her real family as soon as possible.

Belinda couldn't let her suffer anymore.

Jeremy and Martin were also talking about her on the side.

Martin glanced at Belinda and Angelina, who seemed to be getting along very well. He then asked, "Are you sure this girl is Camelia?"

It was natural that he would ask a question like that. They'd looked for Camelia for many years, and along the way, a lot of girls had claimed they were her.

And if they were all right, then they had countless daughters without even giving birth to them.

These episodes had made him very suspicious of anyone who came forward as Camelia.

Jeremy looked at Angelina, his eyes beaming with love. "Don't worry, dad! She really is Camelia! I've already gotten her DNA tested. The results proved that she is Camelia."

Martin looked at his son with admiration. In the recent years, Jeremy had worked very hard to look for Camelia.

It had been a hard time for him.

Martin patted his shoulder and said, "Jeremy...please don't tire yourself working too hard. Your mother will start worrying about you too. You have to take care of your health..."

"I know, Dad," said Jeremy.

Something suddenly occurred to Martin. "Well, does she have that jade pendant?"

Martin and Belinda had given her the pendant when she was three years old. Jeremy had one too.

The jades had their respective names carved on it.

They weren't supposed to take them off. Jeremy still had his on him.

Jeremy furrowed his brows. "I don't know, Dad."

All the facts indicated she was Camelia. Whatever doubt remained, the DNA test had cleared that. Jeremy didn't need any other proof to make sure she was his sister.

"It's better you ask her about it,"

emembered how he was acting a while ago when Camelia was here. "Why were you acting that way around Camelia? It almost felt like you don't like her..."

Martin raised his eyebrows. "If I acted like you, how would she have given all her attention to you?"

Belinda was convinced, and decided not to give much thought to his explanation.

Embarrassed, she said, "Okay, forget it. But next time try not act so cold and aloof when she's around. I won't forgive you if you do..."

"Okay, I won't. I was so excited to see her I didn't know how to act around her! Next time I won't be like that, I promise," he said sheepishly.

Satisfied, Belinda smiled.

In the car, Angelina told Jeremy the address she had to go to.

Jeremy looked at her briefly, then said, "I hope you don't mind what mother was too excited to see you."

"It's okay. She is such a nice person! I really like her," said Angelina with a beaming smile.

Jeremy felt relieved. "Mom has been looking for you since you got lost. She got really sick at one point in time. My dad was really worried for her health, so they moved here..."

"I'm so sorry to hear that. How is her health now?"

"She is much better. Don't worry about her," said Jeremy.

Angelina nodded and looked outside the window. She was completely taken by the landscape. 'It would be quite nice to live here, ' she thought.

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