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   Chapter 351 I'm Great

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 6980

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Ever since Angelina arrived, Belinda could not take her eyes off the young woman.

Angelina had to lower her head out of embarrassment every time she saw the lady of the house looking at her with so much enthusiasm.

Belinda could not be any happier. This was her Camelia. She finally saw her. She teared up at the relief of finding her after a long time.

Martin went over to hug her shoulders and tried to calm her down. She tried to control her emotion.

"Mom, let's get inside and chat," suggested Jeremy.

"Right. I almost forgot. Angelina, come, let's go inside," Belinda said, leading the way.

"Maria, please bring the food out. It's time for dinner."

"You haven't had dinner, have you? I've cooked some dishes you would like."

She walked over to Angelina's side and clung to her arms. She had endless words to say to her. She badly wanted to talk to her daughter for as long as she could.

"You cooked it yourself?" Angelina asked, looking at her with surprise and disbelief.

Angelina could not fathom the idea that this lady who was a member of a wealthy family knew how to cook.

Since she entered the villa, she hadn't seen anyone else except two servants.

The two servants were both aged. One was the housekeeper, Li, who was in charge of house chores and transportation. The other one was Maria, the cook in the villa.

Belinda's heart jumped with joy when Angelina responded to her. She cheerfully responded to her daughter's question, "Sure! I cooked some dishes that you used to like when you were a kid, but I'm not sure if you still like them." As these words came out of her mouth, she started to get anxious.

The thought of Angelina not liking the dishes she prepared made her worry.

Angelina couldn't help but look at Belinda. She had kept her eyes on her since she arrived. This lady cooked personally when she heard that she was coming.

She didn't even pay much attention to her son when he greeted her just now. All her attention was solely on Angelina.

Deep in her heart was a kind of warmth she had never felt before. A mot

And later her adopted mother gave birth to a boy.

In a country where boys were usually more important than girls, Angelina's life in the family got even worse. What became of her was solely because of her own effort and intelligence.

Still she was thankful, as the Li family had supported her just like what adopted parents were supposed to do.

"Angelina, how are you doing in your life?" Angelina was pulled back into reality when she felt Belinda gently touching her face.

"I'm doing all right. Don't worry about me, Auntie," she replied timidly, not really knowing what to tell her.

"How are your adopted parents treating you? Are they nice to you?"

Belinda was genuinely worried that her Camelia was being mistreated and wronged.

Angelina wanted to tell them everything.

Of course not well!

She wanted to tell them how she was only treated nicely during her first two years in the family.

How her existence started fading out to them ever since they had their own child. How despite not sending her back, the good life she had with the Li's were brief.

She badly wanted to tell them everything, but she couldn't. She decided it would be better if they could find out about it themselves.

"They treat me very well, really," Angelina shook her head and forced a smile. After saying that, she smiled at her.

But the smile was forced, whoever saw it.

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