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   Chapter 350 Personal Cooking

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'Ah!' For a moment, Angelina didn't know how to react.

'Go and meet his father and mother?

Will they be as easy to get along with as Jeremy? Or are they just like most rich people who are difficult to deal with?'

She didn't know why exactly, but she was afraid to go meet the Gu family.

For reasons she wasn't sure of, she didn't feel like going there.

With the obvious contradiction on her face, Jeremy could guess what she was worrying about.

"Angelina, don't be afraid. They're nice and gentle people. They loved you very much when you were a small kid," he said softly trying to comfort her. "Besides, I'll be with you. You have nothing to worry about."

Angelina was embarrassed for being seen through. "You mean we are going to your home now?"

"Not my home, our home," Jeremy corrected her with a smile.

"Let's go now. It's a little far away. You can take a nap on the way."

After handing over the company to Jeremy, his parents bought a villa located in the rural areas--a place with beautiful scenery and fresh air, suitable for people who need to recuperate or would like to live in solitude. They had been living here for years.

The place was a one-hour drive from downtown J City.

"Okay," Angelina nodded.

She had done quite a lot of work at school today and she was tired. She soon fell asleep in the car after they set off.

Jeremy took a glance at her sleeping face and his expression softened with affection.

He felt so happy that he finally found his sister.

He was resolved to make it up to her for her lost childhood.

At the villa of the Gu family

Belinda had been very excited the whole afternoon. How could she not be? She was finally going to meet her own daughter.

Looking into the distance, she had been standing outside the villa waiting to see any sign of Jeremy and Camelia who may arrive any second.

Martin brought a coat for her from the house and helped her put it on. "The wind is cold especially in

time coming here. She must be nervous. Let Jeremy take some time to talk with her. Don't get too anxious."

He was right.

Being the Gu Group's President for so long, Martin had developed a special skill of understanding people's intentions and way of thinking.

Just as Belinda was about to say another anxious complaint, the door of the car opened and a woman and a man came out. Though they were quite far away, the couple could see the outline of their figures.

It would be a lie to say that Angelina wasn't afraid. She followed Jeremy behind.

"Mom, Dad." Jeremy and Belinda approached the couple waiting for them.

Martin greeted them quietly.

Belinda peered from behind him.

Jeremy pulled Angelina up in front of them, "Mom, Dad, this is Angelina."

Angelina came up and smiled nervously. "Auntie, Uncle, nice to meet you."

This was the first time she met them. Even though she knew they were her biological parents, she couldn't call them mom and dad yet.

As exhilarated as Belinda was to see her, at the same time, her heart hurt when she heard her beloved daughter call them Auntie and Uncle.

'Camelia...this is my Camelia...'

Still, it was good enough to be able to see her Camelia again. Belinda looked at her with loving eyes. "Your name is Angelina, right? How are you doing?"

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