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   Chapter 348 The Gu Family

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Belinda wanted to ask him a question. She was itching to know whether Camelia had complained about them.

After all, they were all largely responsible for losing her.

At the time, the Gu Group hadn't achieved much. Martin and Belinda always remained busy. Their negligence toward their children was inevitable.

Jeremy was the one who took care of Camelia. But he too was a playful child who couldn't really be held responsible for losing her.

Belinda was worried sick after finding out about Camelia's disappearance.

"My little Camelia got lost! What if she meets some evil guy?" she said, unable to control herself.

The entire family was worried for her, trying their best to find her.

Belinda's words tensed Jeremy, but he decided to comfort her mother. "Mother, she'd be fine. I told her everything about our family, and she took it fairly well. I don't have a lot of work today. I will invite her home for dinner, okay?"

"Okay. Jeremy, you must bring Camelia back anyhow. I will ask Maria to prepare dinner. What's her favorite food? I'll have it especially done for her,"

she said in an excited tone. She seemed refreshed after listening to Jeremy's words.

What did Camelia like to eat? That was a difficult question. He didn't know much about her food preferences.

Jeremy pouted, wondering what to say.

After a while, Belinda spoke again, "Hello? Jeremy, are you there? What's Camelia's favorite food? I need to tell Maria to get to it.

You know what? I should do it myself! I'll go get all the ingredients and make her a delicious meal. Tell me, Jeremy."

"Huh? Mother, Camelia's taste is similar to ours. She isn't much of a picky eater. Make anything you think she'd like. See you tonight. I'll call her now," said Jeremy.

"Okay, then. You can pick her up this evening..." Belinda said, expecting her to agree.

"Okay," said Jeremy and hung up.

Belinda remained s

an and glowing. She was wearing a lavender dress with a little tippet. Her beautiful face and slim figure made her look elegant, adding to her charm.

She looked especially attractive whenever she looked at him that way. It reminded Martin of someone special, making it hard for him to resist her wishes.

"Martin, please allow me to go. You can come along if you want. Moreover, I haven't gone out in so long. Don't we go out for walks, anyway?"

Belinda held Martin's hand, and shook it, looking at him with expectant eyes.

Maria looked at the two of them with a smile and shook her head helplessly.

Maria had been working here since they'd gotten married. It had been decades since she started coming to this household.

'The Gu family wasn't like other rich families. Mr. Gu would never have an affair with another woman, or have any other children.

And he loved his wife so much!

How kind was he that he gave Jeremy the power to run the company, just so he could spend time with Mrs. Gu and take care of her.

It was so rare to see a relationship strengthen like this.

How jealous their friends might be of them!

If Mrs. Gu continued to give him this look, he would have no choice but to ultimately concede, ' thought Maria, smiling contentedly.

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