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   Chapter 347 Remained Warmth

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 8394

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After the events of that day, Ashley and Andrew seemed to be in a cold war, similar to the one they once had.

Even though they looked okay, they both knew in their hearts that there was a problem in their relationship.

They seemed to have gone back to the same cautious, doubtful emotions they had experienced when they first started dating.

In fact it was even worse than the first time.

They were keeping something in their hearts, that no one was willing to speak out about first. They watched with bated breath, hoping the other party would break the silence.

At 10 o'clock in the evening, when Ashley had finished cleaning up, she took one more look at her sketch book and decided to go to sleep.

Taking a glance beside her, the space on the bed was still empty. It had been the same for a few nights now. Andrew hadn't been sleeping there since the beginning of the spat.

As she lay down, bitterness gripped her heart. The rims of her eyes hurt, a stream of tears flowing down her cheeks. If they continued to act like this, they would break up sooner or later.

Weren't they the same people who had once deeply loved each other?

How on earth had they come to this point?

She had gotten used to having Andrew sleep by her side. Now without him, she struggled to catch sleep, staying wide awake for a long time into the wee hours of the night.

Inwardly, her head was whirling with anxious thoughts. Even when she finally drifted off to sleep, troubling dreams added to her misery, robbing her worn-out soul of much-needed rest.

A few hours after she had fallen asleep, the door to the bedroom opened quietly.

In the dim light, Andrew walked in—a tall silhouette, shuffling as if he was struggling with indecision. For a moment, he stood by the bedside, listening to Ashley's soft breathing and wishing they could iron out their differences as soon as possible.

He had just taken a shower and was wearing pajamas. Upon entering the room, he went straight to bed and lay down slowly beside Ashley. After a few minutes, he snuggled up to her and put his right arm around her.

After watching her for a few minutes, he noticed her sleep was somewhat restless.

'What can I do with you?'

It was not that Andrew wouldn't come back or he wouldn't like to sleep with Ashley here.

It was just he was scared. He knew Ashley wanted to do everything good to Ron and probably she liked him. How could he allow the woman he loved to be so close to another man? That was unacce

d sorry for himself.

The misfortune of having a cruel CEO like Andrew made him wish luck would smile on him some day and help him land a better job.

These differences between Andrew and Ashley was slowly beginning to take a toll on Johnny.

The previous week, when the couple was getting along well, they showed so much affection to each other, and often got cozy, right in front of Johnny. At one point, their constant public displays of affection had tempted Johnny into finding a girlfriend too.

But now when he saw the cold war between the CEO and Miss Mu, his desire for love faded away.

If falling in love was going to take up much of his time, only to end up with unnecessary squabbles like this, Johnny didn't see the need to rush into dating.

'Probably I may stay single for a few more years, ' he thought to himself.

The only problem with his decision was that maybe, some people would judge him as a playboy.

What else would explain a man at his age who couldn't even act responsibility by committing himself to one girl?

It would take a good deal of changes for such a person to have a stable girlfriend.

But Johnny was no playboy. Just a good guy, discouraged about love by the stormy relationship of his CEO and the lady.

Since Jeremy found his sister, he received calls from his family almost every day.

Jeremy felt helpless. He just reunited with his sister. He couldn't scare her away.

The next time he received the call from Belinda, he had already guessed what she was going to say before she opened her mouth.

"Jeremy, when will you bring Camelia to meet us? How is she doing? Is she okay? Does she know about us?"

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