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   Chapter 346 Andrew’s Misunderstanding

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Andrew couldn't believe that Ashley would let Lena get away after all the horrible things that she had done.

He had always known how much Ashley detested Lena for framing her countless times. Letting her get away with it didn't make sense.

Ashley might seem affable but he knew she could get vengeful.

She fought back when somebody messed with her.

Having been with each other for quite some time, Andrew knew Ashley well. He never expected Ashley's lukewarm response this time.

"No particular reason. I am not in the mood to deal with her. Isn't it a good thing that she is going abroad? Before long, we won't have to see her anymore," said Ashley.

Andrew never refused any request from Ashley, but he cannot just accept her decision this time.

He cared about her so much that he wanted to get back at anyone who dared to scar her.

A frown formed on his face. "I remember that you hate her very much. Why are you letting her get away with what she has done to you?"

Ashley looked away and didn't dare look at Andrew. Her hatred towards Lena never faded away. If anything, it had grown bigger and bigger every time that horrible woman framed her in order to take everything she had. But this was the first time Ron asked her a favor. No matter how mad she was, she couldn't help but accept his request.

Ashley bit her lips and didn't say anything.

Ashley knew that Andrew wanted to help her get even with Lena, and that he'd do it out of concern for her.

But thinking of what had happened the previous night, Ashley couldn't say anything.

'It doesn't matter what he thinks, ' she thought.

"Well, I will go out later. As for Lena, let's just ignore her."

After saying that, Ashley turned to leave.

Just as she did, Andrew grabbed her hand and asked her with concern, "What is wrong with you?" Ashley had been indifferent since the night before.

Andrew squeezed her hand gently. "I'm fine."

She let go and started walking away.

Andrew couldn't help but wonder what happened.

Last night, it

for telling him about her meeting, but Andrew's firm and frightening tone shook him.

The dilemma made him helpless.

'Did I do many bad things in the past? I was always in trouble every time they quarreled. It was already frustrating to be jealous as a bachelor when they showed intimacy in front of me," he thought.

Andrew was reminded of the scene that day. 'The man's gaze at Ashley was too affectionate, not as pure as a brother's gaze towards his little sister.' The thought made Andrew frown.

"You can go out now," Andrew told Johnny.

"What about Lena's punishment?" asked Johnny.

"Put it off for now."

Andrew finally compromised and left.

Andrew tried to hide his gloomy mood at least until Johnny could leave the room. He sat on his chair and rubbed his temples.

'Ron has said a few words to her, for sure. That could be the reason why she let Lena off.

Is Ron too important to her? Does she not love me anymore?

Why didn't she tell me what happened?

She even asked Johnny to help her hide this thing from me.

Does it mean that she loves her brother?'

Jealousy started to contain Andrew.

He wanted to confirm everything with Ashley, but he didn't dare ask her directly. Andrew was afraid that Ashley's answer would be something he could not accept.

If anything, he didn't want their relationship to be affected.

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