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   Chapter 344 A Slap On The Face

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Peggy regretted that she didn't listen to Lena earlier as she was trying to explain to Spencer. Things had come to this point where everyone in the Mu family except Spencer knew that Ashley had cut off all ties with them. He was still in the dark about the whole thing.

"There is one thing I have to tell's a little... you have to promise me that you won't get angry if I tell you," said Peggy.

Spencer was getting impatient. Everything that had happened already irked him enough and he couldn't believe there was more. "What is it? Start talking and stop wasting my time."

"Okay. What I'm going to tell you is that...Ashley...She isn't a member of our family anymore," said Peggy.

Spencer didn't think much of it when he heard this the first time from Ron. Ron had just been back from abroad then so it was understandable that he'd made a mistake like that, as he wasn't around to see her.

But what did Peggy mean by saying that?

'What does that mean that Ashley is not a member of the Mu family anymore?

Whose family does she belong to if she is not a member of this one?'

Earlier, he was even thinking that if that person loved Ashley then he could possibly take advantage of her powerful family and try to develop a connection with the Lu family.

It would be great to have some sort of connection with them. If anyone found out, they would treat the Mu family differently.

In his mind, he had already planned it in detail. Peggy telling him that Ashley wasn't a part of the family anymore would destroy his plan.

As he thought of this, he asked glumly, "What the hell does that mean? Can you explain it to me clearly?"

'Shit!' cried Peggy in her heart upon seeing Spencer getting more agitated.

She had no choice but to explain it, as she didn't want to delay this any longer.

"Do you remember the time you asked Ashley to go to the marriage interview? Ashley set one condition that a

ed for Ashley to go to a marriage interview so she could get married.

But she just broke up with Raymond so she didn't want to go to the marriage interview. She wasn't ready for that then. Plus, the person Peggy wanted her to marry was disgusting.

So Ashley refused. She agreed later on but for unknown reasons she added one condition. Mom figured she didn't mean it so she agreed but what she didn't know was that Ashley had taped their conversation. That's how this all happened."

Ron didn't speak for a long time. Later a smile appeared on his lips. "I think maybe it's good for her to leave the Mu family. At least she's happier now."

When she was still part of the Mu family, no one else really treated her well except for Ron.

Now she was able to live more freely and she seemed happier.

Lena looked at him as if she was in deep thought. She didn't expect for that to come from him.

But on a second thought, maybe it was expected of Ron to say that.

Ron looked at Lena and said, "You have a wound on your face. I'll get someone to treat that for you. From now on, you are not to behave like that anymore. You know you'll be the one to get hurt at the end of the day."

Lena's eyes reddened. She nodded and impulsively, she hugged him. "I know that now, Ron."

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