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   Chapter 343 Lena's Fate

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Clyde replied, "Either way, it doesn't matter. We already canceled the wedding. Let's go home to see Raymond."

Cora replied, "Right! Raymond! I don't know how he's doing now. He didn't look good. It was all Lena's fault! Did you see what she did to Raymond? Oh! I have to remind you! You can't do business with the Mu Group anymore! What Lena did was terrible! I'm so angry with her! Her family has to pay for it!"

Clyde replied, "Okay! Just relax. I'll do whatever you say." When he spoke, his voice was loving and seemingly conniving.

In the Mu family's house, Spencer looked at Lena, who was still kneeling on the floor even after Cora and Clyde had left.

His face was still red in anger. He asked, "Tell me! Were Cora telling the truth? Did you do those horrible things?"

She simply admitted, "I did."

"What a scoundrel!" he cursed.

Then he scolded, "I told you to stay away from him! Don't you know who he is? He's the successor of the Lu family, the most powerful family in the J City. We can't afford to cross him!

I can't believe this! I have to butter him up. But you! How could you even try to seduce him? You went as far as abort your baby. Look at what you've done! Are you happy now?"

As he thought of how it was Lena's fault that he lost the Luo Group as his partner, he only got angrier.

Peggy was angry with Lena too. She too looked mad. After Lena got engaged, she'd been showing off to others about how bright Lena's future was.

Now, she was going to be the biggest joke.

And her friends would ask her about it. They would ask her how it happened. She didn't even know how to tell them so she wouldn't feel more embarrassed.

Peggy commented, "Why do I have a daughter like you?"

None of them noticed the tears in Lena's eyes. She kept her head low. And her body straightened even as she was kneeling on the floor.

Lena suddenly felt as if her parents didn't even care about her and only cared about themselves.

She realized how little she meant to them.

She was

was protect herself. They had promised her so many things but they never kept their promises. She recorded it just in case.

Lena, Peggy, and Ron didn't respond to Spencer. They knew what was going on. They couldn't even look at Spencer except for Ron, who was looking at him strangely. When he had just come back, Ashley told him she'd been kicked out of the family. However, it seemed as if Spencer didn't know anything about it.

Ron frowned. He replied, "Dad. Ashley's been cut off from the Mu family. Didn't you know that? Why are you..."

Spencer interrupted him, "How could she be cut off from her family? She's still a Mu. I haven't agreed to cut her off. How can you say that?"

Ron knitted his eyebrows together. He didn't know what was going on.

Spencer was in the dark about everything.

When Peggy saw that Ron was about to open his mouth again, she chimed in, "Ron, could you take Lena upstairs first? I have to talk to your father. We're going to send Lena abroad. You can decide where she goes. She needs to start packing. You can help her with that."

Ron merely nodded as he pulled Lena upstairs.

When they were gone, Peggy asked the servants to leave before turning to Spencer. "Spencer, I have to tell you something."

Spencer replied, "What is it? What is so important you have to send all the servants away?"

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