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   Chapter 342 Core's Decision

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Cora obviously doubted Peggy. There was nothing Lena had that would make Ashley jealous!

Instead, it was Lena who was the jealous one.

She despised her for all that she had done!

Cora sneered, "Fake? How could Ashley possibly have faked this recording?"

Peggy shook her head wildly, hoping Cora would reason with her.

Cora put up a scornful smile. The entire family was a bunch of liars!

"Look, I have already consulted a professional to check the recording. It is real. It was Lena who said all of that. What have you got to say about that?"

Peggy replied, "It's Impossible!" She had to convince Cora that Lena wasn't the type of person who could do something like that. "Cora! You must be mistaken, please understand!"

Cora responded impatiently, "We really don't care what you think. We are here to call off the wedding. Your daughter is apparently too good for our son. We don't dare become her family!"

Her words stung Peggy, but she managed to keep herself composed. "Mrs. Luo, what are you talking about? This decision isn't up to us! They love each other. They have been together for so long and are already engaged. You can't just call it off in an instant!"

Cora lost all her calm. Raising her voice, she said, "Oh, since you are asking for it, let me make it harder for you. Raymond never even loved Lena! Did you know that your dear daughter drugged my son so he would sleep with her?"

Peggy looked haunted. However, Cora continued, "I knew Raymond wouldn't sleep with some girl just because he'd had a few drinks. I never really thought of Lena in such a bad light. And since they'd already slept together, I didn't say anything about the marriage. But now I'm left with no choice. Let's make everything clear right away!"

She then took a breath. Peggy couldn't say anything and let her continue. "I never liked the fact that Ashley was an adopted child, so I didn't want to see her with Raymond. After what happened between Raymond and Lena that night, I thought it was the best opportunity for Raymond to stay aw

pencer to slap Lena!

Her face swelled instantly. The red finger prints burning her skin. Blood flowed out of the corners of her mouth.

"Kneel down now!" Spencer ordered.

The fury he felt this time was unlike what he'd ever felt before.

Spencer loved Lena the most. This was a true shock.

Cora had no sympathy towards Lena, though. She just couldn't stand this drama, so she just frowned.

Impatient, she said to Spencer, "Please excuse us. Take your time to teach your daughter a lesson after we're gone. What she did was horrible. She killed her baby in the blink of an eye, for god's sake!"

"Don't you want to stay a little longer?" Spencer said, trying to urge them to stay so he could convince them not to cancel the wedding.

He thought putting up a show for them to make them change their minds.

After all, canceling the wedding wasn't that big a deal for the Luo family. It was the Mu Group who would be affected by it.

Clyde added, "Thank you, but we have to go. We have to deal with some other family issues." Clyde could see through Spencer's sham.

After they left the house, Cora said to Clyde, "Spencer isn't a good person either. He slapped Lena just so he could change our decision. Did he really think that kind of drama would make us forget what she did? Is he completely stupid or does he think we're so dumb we'll buy it?"

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