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   Chapter 339 Ellie's Acceptance

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"Ellie! Stop... talking... like that!" he spluttered.

Francis might have been with a lot of women, but he took nobody seriously. Those women knew it and they didn't mind.

But Ellie was different. He never thought of treating her badly.

He could not fathom why she had to hurt herself like that.

He was really upset. Not because of what she thought about him, but because of how she saw herself.

The worst part of it was that she called him "Mr. Francis." The fact that she called him "Mr. Francis"

hurt him the most.

Ellie closed her eyes and pursed her lips. She didn't say anything.

Francis grabbed both her shoulders and forced her to look at him. "Ellie, please tell me you're joking." He looked at her, his eyes firm with pleading and frustration. "Please tell me you didn't mean any of what you just said."

Francis' eyes spoke sincerely to Ellie.

She couldn't take another look at him. She needed strength to say what she was about to say, "No, I meant everything I said."

Francis could see right through her lie. He shouted, "Look me in the eye and tell me again! You didn't mean any of that, right?"

Ellie looked into his eyes, her visage as fierce as the crunching in her chest. "I meant it. I meant every bit of it. You may leave Mr. Francis."

Ellie pointed to the door gesturing for Francis to leave.

"Fine!" Francis clenched his jaw and gnashed his teeth in anger.

He let go of her and turned around to leave.

The thud that came from the shutting door made Ellie flinch. As the door closed, the room fell into silence.

Ellie could only look at the direction where he had gone.

She wrapped herself with her shaking arms to hold herself. Her tears started falling.

It felt as if all the tough facade she had shown him earlier had started crumbling.

She was all by herself now. Everyone had left for real. She was really all alone.

The reason why Ellie went to L City was to visit her grandparents.

She was going to spend some time and have a few nice meals w

She decided to take a chance on him.

She thought that

the worst consequence she would have to face was his betrayal. If that time would ever come, she would just leave.

Ellie's acceptance really caught Francis in surprise. He couldn't believe his eyes. So he asked. "Ellie, did you just... Did you just agree to be with me?"

There was an exciting expression on his face. His excitement made Ellie smile.

"I did," she replied.

"Oh my god! Ellie! You are my girlfriend now! Yeah!"

If he could, he would totally roll around on the floor. That was how happy he was.

He brought the breakfast over and tried to feed her. "Open your mouth. It's hot. Be careful."

"I will do it myself," Ellie told him shyly.

"No, let me do it for you," he replied.

Since he insisted, Ellie finally gave in.

It began with Francis feeding her breakfast. Then, it ended with Francis eating the food with the same spoon.

Ellie remembered Ashley's story about how she felt really grossed out when it happened to her. Ellie felt the same. Seeing Francis eating the food with the same spoon she used, her expression froze. She wondered how he couldn't feel disgusted.

No wonder Ellie and Ashley were best friends. They were grossed out by the same things.

The good thing for Ellie was that Francis didn't know what was on her mind.

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