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   Chapter 337 What's My Name

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He wondered if a thief had broken into Ellie's apartment, but he quickly dismissed that notion. Her apartment was in a very nice neighborhood so it was far-fetched for anyone to break in. Then that left only one explanation. Ellie might be back!

Francis' eyes lit up with the realization that Ellie might have returned from her trip.

He walked in hastily, eager to see the girl he adored.

But when he entered, he found that the apartment reeked of alcohol.

Then he spotted Ellie, who was leaning against a couch. She had passed out.

Seeing her in this miserable condition, Francis frowned and walked toward her.

She was not the kind of girl to over indulge in alcohol. Sometimes, she would have a bit of wine with Ashley if they were celebrating something. However, she had never crossed the limit when it came to drinking and she had certainly never been in a sorry state like this.

Francis didn't know the whole story, but her face was red and she appeared drunk.

He knelt down next to her. Taking the beer bottle from her hand, he asked, "Ellie, what's wrong?" She woke up with a start! She tried to hold on to the beer in her hand. Francis hissed, "Stop drinking it. That's enough!"

He was really worried about Ellie.

However, she grasped the bottle even tighter and replied, "No!"

Ellie was not as strong as Francis. Plus she was inebriated. She could barely hold on to the bottle.

So, it was very easy for him to take the bottle from her.

Ellie realized this and tried to grab another beer from the box. Francis' brows furrowed even tighter.

He couldn't understand what had happened to her.

She seemed fine before she went to L City. He couldn't fathom why she would want to get drunk.

Francis pushed the box of beers away from her. She was not happy with this. She tried to glare at him, but she was too drunk to focus. All she knew was that the man in front of her was very familiar. So she didn't really bother.

"Give... give it back to me!"

she slurred, looking in his direction.

Her voice was quite different from how it normally sounded. It was softer and sweeter.

Francis was absolutely stunned.

Seeing Francis in a state of shock, Ellie got the chance to grab

actually kissed him!

And she kissed him on her own, without any provocation from him or anybody else!

Francis thought she must like him. He doubted she would kiss him if she didn't have feelings for him.

Francis was overjoyed! He didn't know what to do. He didn't even know where to put his hands.

Many girls had kissed him, but he had never been kissed by the girl he loved. Now, she was kissing him and he was fumbling like an idiot.

Francis was like a young boy who was being kissed by his lover for the first time.

Ellie had never kissed anyone. She didn't really know how either. She was basically just biting his lips.

She even broke the skin on his lips.

Tasting the blood, she frowned and stopped "kissing" him. She seemed really anxious with the taste of blood. She looked at Francis unhappily.

Finally, Francis recovered from the shock. He put his hands on Ellie's shoulders and asked, "Ellie, take a look at me! Do you know who I am and what my name is?"

Francis was aware that Ellie was drunk. He was afraid that she had mistaken him for someone else.

"Francis Nan..."

Ellie looked him with her head cocked sideways and murmured.

"Ellie, Ellie..."

Francis called out her name and hugged her. Then, he kissed her back.

Ellie didn't push him away this time. She hugged him back and her tongue followed his.

Francis was a very good kisser. He kissed her passionately. Only because she needed to catch her breath did he let her go.

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