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   Chapter 336 She Slapped Him

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He could tell something was off about Ashley.

Ashley had a lot on her mind. There was no way that she could fall asleep that easily but she didn't want to confront Andrew and his cheating so she just pretended to sleep.

She was acting so well this time.

Andrew didn't even know she was just pretending.

He put his book away, pulled Ashley over and held her in his arms. When he had Ashley in his arms, he mumbled, "What's wrong with you today?"

He could feel the distance that Ashley had put between them.

Andrew didn't care about Lesley. He threw away his clothes because he didn't like that they had already been touched by someone like her.

He had many other clothes and he didn't like being touched by any other woman.

Usually, it was Johnny's job to keep the women away. Women were all over him. He wasn't interested in any of them so he just didn't pay them any attention.

Andrew would reject women left and right. Johnny's job was to make sure that those women stayed away.

Andrew always had an aversion to any physical contact with women.

He figured it must have been from his childhood. He knew his parents didn't love each other. He had never seen his parents kiss or hug. Their marriage was arranged, and it was for family business. One time, he was looking for his mother.

He found his mother in bed with another man, one who was much younger than his father. It traumatized him to see his mother that way. It made him feel disgusted.

From that day forward, Andrew had always found it disgusting to have women touch him.

Ashley was the only exception.

She was the light in his world. When she came into his dark life, it suddenly lit up. He loved her so much and he looked forward to spending the rest of his life with her.

He tightened his grip on her as he thought of this.

He held Ashley like she was the most precious thing in his life.

Ashley was feeling frustrated as she pretended to sleep.

Andrew held her so tight that she could hardly breathe. She thought, 'Why are you holding me so tight? Didn't

He was good-looking and he had a way with words. It also didn't hurt that he would bring them small gifts at times.

Who wouldn't like him?

That day, Ellie had finally come back. When she arrived, she sat on the living room floor.

Her eyes were dull and she looked exhausted.

She looked like a completely different person. It was as if she didn't know how to smile anymore and all the energy had been sucked out of her.

She spent a few moments just sitting on the floor. After a while, she opened the box she had brought with her. It was a box of beer.

Ellie didn't bother standing up to get herself a glass. She just drank straight from the bottle.

She coughed a little.

She had never had beer before. She was taken aback by its bitter taste that she had to cough it out.

After a while, she started drinking again.

Soon, tears were streaming down her cheeks. Maybe she was crying because of the bad taste of beer or maybe there was dust in her eyes—either way, it was hard to tell.

As tears continued to roll down her face, she continued to drink.

It was a heart-breaking sight.

Francis had been coming to Ellie's apartment consistently. That day, when he tried to open the door, he already knew something was wrong.

The door wasn't locked.

Francis was certain that he had locked it the day before. How could the door unlock on its own?

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