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   Chapter 335 The Other Woman

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To get his mind off the scent and consequently make himself feel better, he thought of Ashley.

Ashley had stayed in the home office as she had finally come up with a design for the necklace.

The design she had just drawn looked really good even on paper. The necklace had a heart-shaped pendant with a hollowed-out middle. She left it empty so any couple could put their names or whatever they wanted on it. Diamonds surrounded the heart, which was the perfect touch.

Ashley didn't know how she was able to design such a beautiful necklace. All she knew was that she had Andrew on her mind the entire time she was drawing the necklace.

Ashley stretched her arms. It was half past ten. She didn't know if Andrew was home already.

She packed all her stuff and left the home office.

She made her way to the bedroom and bumped into Andrew who was seemed to have just gotten back.

After he threw his jacket away, he only had his white undershirt on. The sleeves had been rolled up showing off his nice arms.

Ashley had never seen Andrew like this because he was always well dressed no matter what the occasion. Even when going to sleep, he was still dressed nicely. This was how Ashley knew something was wrong.

Ashley was sure that something had happened to him.

Clutching her design book, she hurried over to him and asked, "What happened? Where's your jacket?"

"I lost it," he simply replied.

Ashley's mouth twisted. She wasn't satisfied with his answer.

She wanted to know more.

She wondered how he lost his jacket.

However, she didn't press any further. She just tried to hold his hand like she normally would, but she was surprised that Andrew moved his hand away in response.

Ashley felt even more strange. She asked, "What's wrong?"

Ashley knew that Andrew liked it whenever she held his hand. She couldn't help but feel confused at Andrew's response.

Andrew pursed his lips and replied, "I'll hold your hand later. I feel really gross. Let me take a shower first."

After which, he brushed past

. The perfume on the shirt had mixed with the shampoo and Ashley felt gross.

Her mind went blank as she stared at the shirt.

Before she decided to look in the bathroom, she told herself that she could be wrong.

She told herself that she needed to trust Andrew. She reminded herself that Andrew said that he loved only her. She kept telling herself that she should just trust Andrew.

However, she was wrong.

Andrew said he was working late, but he had come back smelling like another woman's perfume with lipstick stains on his shirt.

Ashley assumed that he threw out his shirt because it was the evidence to his unfaithfulness. If he'd only been working, he wouldn't have thrown everything he had worn today to the trash. Ashley felt her heart twist in pain.

She was in the bathroom for a really long time. When she walked out, she looked calm as if she hadn't just been crying her eyes out.

Andrew was in bed reading a book. Usually, Ashley would climb to bed and lay next to him. She would ask him what he was reading. Then, they would talk and fall asleep together.

However, Ashley just walked to her side of the bed and laid down. She kept a distance between them with her back facing him.

Andrew looked at Ashley then he frowned.

Andrew wasn't really good at picking up hints but even he could tell that Ashley was acting weird.

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