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   Chapter 334 Lesley's Trick

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Andrew wasn't home yet so Ashley just asked Claire to prepare a simple meal for her.

After dinner, she started working on her design draft on the table.

BYX Hotel

was a well-known five star hotel in J City. People who stayed in the hotel were either rich or powerful or both.

At that moment, Andrew and Lesley were talking to each other at the BYX Hotel. But Andrew had claimed that he was working.

It looked like they were having a great time talking to each other.

However, if one looked closely, only Lesley was doing all the talking. Andrew was just sitting across the table in silence. In fact, he didn't even seem to care about what she was saying.

The truth was that Andrew had realized that he'd been tricked into coming here and he only found out upon talking to Lesley.

There was a big project going on between the Lu Group and the Feng Group. The CEO of the Feng Group who happened to be Lesley's father had set a meeting with Andrew at the BYX hotel to talk about the project. However, when he arrived, only Lesley was there.

The Lu Group had been working with the Feng Group for a long time. Even though Andrew didn't want to deal with Lesley, he couldn't just walk away and drop the project for no reason.

Lesley had on a green Chanel dress. It really showed off her ivory white skin. Her hair was pulled up to a bun and she was wearing very light make-up.

She looked young, nice, and pretty.

Lesley was raised to be the next successor of the Feng Group. She carried herself with great pride and dignity.

She really looked good with Andrew.

However, that didn't mean anything.

Lesley knew that Andrew was a neat freak. She used fresh chopsticks to put food on his plate. "Andrew, this is so good. Try it."

Lesley could sense when she could start flirting with Andrew and when to stop. She knew her limits.

She managed herself so well that Andrew didn't feel too uncomfortable.

Andrew didn't touch the food that Lesley had put on his plate. It looked nice and tasty.

However, he didn't want to have dinner with anyone but Ashley.

"If Miss Feng won't have anything else,

ormal for Lesley to do something like that.

She was the only child of the Feng family. She was going to inherit the Feng Group and she was the most beautiful woman in all of J City. She didn't need to do something like that to get a man's attention. Men lined up to kiss her feet. She could have any man she wanted.

However, Andrew wasn't one of those men and he was the only one she wanted, more than anything. If her little stunt could get Ashley and Andrew to fight, then that would be more than enough to her. If not, then she was contented with getting to feel his arms for just a second.

It was normal for men with money and power like Andrew to have affairs left and right and with beautiful women. She thought maybe Ashley was in denial of that because if she learned that, she probably wouldn't want to stay with Andrew any longer.

What Lesley didn't know was that Andrew would never do something like that to Ashley. He genuinely loved and cared about her. He'd never have an affair.

Lesley was sure that her perfume was all over Andrew's shirt. Even though he threw his jacket away, she was certain that at the very least her scent was on his pants.

Andrew was so frustrated when he left the hotel. He could still smell her scent all over him.

"Drive now. I'm in a hurry," Andrew said to his driver.

He just wanted to go home and take a shower so he could finally be with his wife, Ashley.

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