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   Chapter 333 Lie

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"Lena did come to see me and ask me to put in a good word for her. But I'll leave that entirely to your discretion. I won't interfere with your decision,"

Ron said to Ashley.

They both regarded each other for a while.

Lena was Ron's sister after all. What could she do?

"Ron, I'm not going to sue Lena, but under one condition," she said with a serious expression.

"Tell me," he said.

"I want her to leave this country and not come back for three years. And after she comes back, she shouldn't show herself to me. What do you think about this, Ron?"

He studied her. Of course he knew that Ashley had offered this deal for his sake.


After a pause, he asked, "Ashley, I will still be your brother, won't I?"

Ron's heart was beating fast.

His own blood sister had done unthinkable things against Ashley. He was ashamed to be in front of her.

She smiled and reached for his hand. "Of course, Ron. You'll be my brother all my life. Don't be silly. The Mu family is the Mu family; Lena is Lena. Whatever they have done to me, it has nothing to do with you. I've never blamed you. In my heart, you have always been my only family, my blood brother."

Ron watched her sweet smile and thought bitterly, 'I wish it was possible to not be your brother. I want to be something more, not just your brother, okay?'

But he didn't have the courage to say these words out loud. He was scared that... ...if he confessed his feelings to her, they wouldn't even be friends anymore let alone anything else. Nobody knew Ashley's nature better than him.

Putting a stone on his heart, he squeezed her hand warmly and said, "Great! I'll be your brother for life." 'So I have to accept this relationship or else I would lose her. I will always protect her.

If that man does not treat her well, I'll fight to get her back by all possible means.

I'll not allow my girl to get hurt.

She deserves to be happy forever.'

The two siblings hadn't seen



As soon as she got into the car, Ashley asked Johnny, "Did Andrew really call? What did you tell him? You didn't let out my secret, did you, Johnny?"

Ashley was equally worried and guilty.

Johnny was feeling the same way but he was particularly guilty. Because the CEO didn't call at all. He just said that to urge Ashley to head back.

But now he couldn't tell the truth.

"Uh, Mr. Lu called a moment ago and asked me if I had already dropped you home safely. I told him that you had already reached home."

"Oh, then why didn't he call me?" she asked casually.

She was feeling so guilty that she failed to detect the loopholes in Johnny's story.

If Andrew had called, he would of course call Ashley instead of Johnny.

Why would a cold and aloof person like Andrew call Johnny personally?

But luckily Ashley didn't catch this discrepancy.

Johnny felt very relieved.

"Probably he thought you are resting and didn't want to disturb you," he explained, trying to make his story sound more reasonable.

"What time is it? Why would he assume I was resting so early?" Ashley mumbled.

Ashley still didn't suspect anything. The possibility that Johnny might be lying to her had not crossed her mind.

Johnny quietly drove Ashley back to Golden Palace and then left.

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