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   Chapter 332 The Meeting

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Ashley didn't know that Andrew could be so childish sometimes.

She replied, "Okay, I got it! But you should let Johnny be with you. He is your personal assistant, after all. What if you need him for something important? I will take a taxi home. Don't worry about me, I will be fine."

Andrew insisted, "It's not a problem. I will be worried if you go home by yourself. Honey, don't worry. Okay? Johnny will give you a ride when you're ready to go home."

Since he insisted so much, Ashley couldn't refuse him. She had no choice but to agree.

So, she replied, "Okay, will do."

They chatted for a while and ended the call before Amaia could get to her desk.

Or else, the gossip-loving Amaia would ask Ashley about the person she was talking to.

As Andrew was going to work late, she figured that there was no need for her to tell him about the meeting she was going to have with Ron later on.

She was just going to see her brother. She didn't think it was a big deal. Besides, Johnny was going to be with her.

Ashley figured Andrew would not be mad at her for this.

Despite knowing how much Andrew liked to be in control and how jealous he could be, Ashley still decided not to tell him.

After her work was done for the day, she walked to her usual pick-up spot. Johnny was waiting for her.

Getting into the car, Ashley gave him an address. "Take me to this place first, I have something to do."

Johnny responded, "Yes, ma'am."

During the drive, Ashley asked, "Do you have to return to the office after dropping me off at home?"

Johnny replied, "No, ma'am. Mr. Lu said my work will be done after taking you home."

Ashley acknowledged his response with a simple, "Okay."

The car stopped in front of a quiet coffee shop. Ashley said, "Please wait for me for a moment, Johnny. I won't take too long."

Then she walked out. In just a few steps, she thought of something. She returned to the car and said, "If I take too long, you may leave. I will take a taxi home."

Ashley hadn't seen Ron for a quite some time. She might want to talk to him for a while longer and she didn't like to make Johnny wait so long for her. That was why she returned to the car and gave those instructions to him.

However, Johnny shook his head and replied, "Miss Mu, don't worry about me. You may ta

parents who forced her to do so.

Ron knew he should be happy about the fact that Ashley still treated him as her brother. However, his heart wanted more and he couldn't control those feelings.

He put some sugar in Ashley's coffee and asked, "My Ash is really smart! I guess you already know why I asked you to come, right?"

Ashley gave him a knowing smile and replied, "I do. So, Ron, are you going to intercede for Lena?"

He shook his head slowly. "No, I am not going to.

What she did was unforgivable. I wouldn't dare to help her get your forgiveness. I just want to apologize to you.

I am really sorry, Ash. I didn't protect you well. I said I was going to protect you when I came back. I promised to shield you from everything, but I didn't and I am so sorry for that."

Ashley could see and feel the pain in his eyes.

He was truly blaming himself.

She replied, "Ron, you don't need to apologize. None of it was your fault."

She never expected Ron to say this to her. She thought he would beg her for mercy for the sake of Lena. She had even prepared herself on how to respond in such a scenario.

However, Ron had really surprised her.

But she quickly recovered from the shock as she realized that Ron had not changed one bit!

No matter what, he always took her side. His love for her was strong as a rock.

She felt a lump forming in her throat, her nose tingled and she wanted to cry. Ron really cared about her.

Ashley had already thought about dropping the charges against Lena if Ron asked her to.

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