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   Chapter 331 Andrew Was A Little Unhappy

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"Well, when Lena met me a few days ago, I already knew that she was pregnant. And something seemed amiss so I recorded our conversation. But I didn't expect that it would come in handy one day," Ashley said.

Amaia nodded. "Well, thank God, you recorded your conversation! Otherwise, the public would not believe that you were innocent no matter how much you explained. Besides, your sister is really a bad person! How could she be so cruel? She can't get away with this awful crime!"

"I know," Ashley said.

After their chat, both women got back to work.

The company's annual Jewelry Design Competition would be held soon. All employees of the company could participate in it.

But most of the participants were from the design department. After all, very few people in other departments had an interest or the skills required for jewelry design.

A handful of people had learned jewelry design on their own, so they would also participate in the competition.

The Jewelry Design Competition was going to be held in mid-June and it was already early June. So, there was very little time left for them to prepare for it.

For the first round, participants needed to design a piece of jewelry, and also write down the explanation behind the inspiration for the design.

This wasn't a difficult task for many of the participants.

Ashley was working when someone knocked on her desk and said, "Ashley, Miss Mo wanted to see you in her office."

"Okay, thank you!" Ashley replied.

When Ashley was about to leave, someone pinched her arm gently. She turned around and saw that Amaia was making a cheering gesture at her.

She smiled at Amaia amicably and left.

Walking into the office, Ashley carefully closed the door. "Miss Mo, you wanted to see me?"

"Yes," Kelly replied and nodded.

She looked at Ashley carefully and didn't say anything for a while.

Ashley was starting to feel a little uncomfortable and almost couldn't he

aybe he is going to talk to me about Lena, ' she thought.

She had guessed it right!

She sighed. 'If Ron got involved in this, dealing with this whole situation will become difficult.

After all, he is Lena's brother. He will definitely help her, ' Ashley thought.

At noon, Ashley was thinking about how she would tell Andrew that she was going out after work, and that she would come back late. Just then, Andrew called her.

"Hello! Andy," Ashley said as she answered his call.

Andrew wasn't surprised that Ashley called him differently from time to time.

But he still couldn't help softening his tone when he heard her voice.

"Well, are you having lunch?"

"I have eaten. What about you?" she asked him back.

"I have also had lunch," he replied.

They didn't say anything for a while.

But no one hung up the phone either.

They just listened to each other's breath, content to be connected this way in the middle of a busy working day.

Finally, Ashley broke the silence. "Is everything OK? Did you call to tell me something?"

"Yes, I may get home late this evening so Johnny will pick you up after work."

It sounded like he was a little unhappy.

Ashley couldn't help chuckling. 'Is he feeling sad because has to work overtime and we can't go home together?'

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