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   Chapter 330 I'll Try

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After struggling to get his emotions under control for some time, Ron finally replied, "I distinctly remember asking you to stay away from Ashley. But what did you do? Did you listen to me? No!"

He looked miserable. It was the first time he had spoken to Lena so harshly.

She had really crossed the line this time! Ron could barely bring himself to forgive her for what she had done to Ashley. There was no way Ashley was going forgive her for this heinous crime she committed.

He continued, "Do you even have an inkling as to what you have done? It was still just a fetus! An innocent life! Do you understand the graveness of the situation? How did you have the heart to kill it? And then you had the audacity to blame Ashley for your cruel act? Lena, what happened to you? How could you be so inhuman? How? How could you!

Tell me!" he roared.

Lena didn't even know why she held a grudge against Ashley. So it was impossible for her to analyze why she wanted to destroy her reputation.

All she knew was that she hated her from the first time she laid eyes on her. Ashley had come into her life as a threat.

And she was convinced that she was a hundred percent right about her. Ashley was indeed a threat to her well-being.

As an orphan, Ashley had arrived at their home looking filthy but after taking a shower and changing into a pretty dress, she looked more beautiful than Lena.

Once she was groomed, Ashley looked just as good as or even better than her.

Lena couldn't even remember why she had started harassing Ashley. Perhaps it was out of jealousy or maybe the real reason was something else.

Whatever it was, one thing was certain: Lena couldn't stand the thought of Ashley leading a happy, content life. She just had to ruin her peace of mind all the time.

This enmity was not so bad when they were younger, but the older Lena got, the more jealous she felt of her adopted sister. Now, her hatred for Ashley had driven her to the point of ending an innocent life to frame Ashley.

Thinking back to her childhood, Lena couldn't remember anything about it apart from devising plans to create trouble for Ashley. It was almost as if it had become her life's purpose.

Ron slammed his coffee cup on the table.

The noise jolted Lena back to the present. Seeing Ron's terrifying expression, Lena's eyes reddened.

Tears rolled down her cheeks as she spoke, "Ron, I have understood my mistakes. Will you please help me out now? I promise I will stay away from her in the future! I will not contact her f

the Luo families had bought a lot of comments at the beginning of this controversy. They had swayed the public opinion, and they generated a lot of buzz for this news, drawing many people's attention.

However, the tables had turned.

Cora already knew what kind of person Lena was and she was not going to help Lena anymore.

As far as Peggy was concerned, she wasn't aware of what was happening on the Internet yet.

Therefore, Lena's time was up. The people who believed in her had switched sides. The ones who had a lot of trust in her felt the most betrayed. And this betrayal made them angrier. They started posting demeaning comments about her to vent their anger.

After all, killing an innocent baby to frame an innocent girl was way worse than killing a baby out of jealousy.

Ashley felt the public's change of heart when she went to work. They were no longer looking at her like she was a murderer.

They looked at her kindly although they were still a bit distant.

Naturally, everyone's conscience was pricking them. It was hard for them to not feel guilty.

When the news broke, everyone believed that Ashley was the bad one. However, now that the truth had been revealed, they all hung their heads in shame.

Ashley couldn't care less about their opinions. She was just happy that her name was finally cleared.

However, Amaia wasn't going to let Ashley off the hook so easily.

She stood in front of Ashley with her eyes widened. Ashely sighed heavily.

"Well done, girl! You saved the recording for the end! No wonder you looked so calm when I asked you the last time. I was really worried for you! Do you know how worried I was?" she asked with concern.

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