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   Chapter 329 Lena's Hope

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Hearing Ron's response, Lena clenched her fists. She couldn't believe she heard Ashley's name from her bother too. It seemed to Lena that Ashley was everywhere!

She really couldn't understand what was so good about Ashley, that everyone liked her so much.

"Oh, it was me who called you earlier," Lena said.

Ron was very surprised to hear this, he asked, "What? It was you?"

She nodded.

He was really disappointed, but he didn't show it.

Even though he hid his disappointment very well, Lena still caught it.

Normally, Lena would have made a big fuss about it. But now, she couldn't.

She had a favor to ask Ron so she wouldn't dare to upset him.

He asked, "So, what do you want from me? Why have you come here?"

She replied in a bit of temper, "What do you mean by that? Do I have to have a reason to see my brother?"

He frowned and replied, "Of course not."

Lena realized she was being a bit too pushy. However, it was hard for her to talk to Ron any other way. This was how they talked to each other since they were young. And it was difficult for her to change it in such a short time.

Lena softened her tone. "Let's go to your office and talk."

Ron nodded in agreement.

Lena and Ron walked into his office and sat on the couch. His assistant brought two cups of coffee, then he left the room and closed the door.

The assistant was really confused by the change in Ron's demeanor. He appeared to be really excited when he heard that his sister was here but when he saw her, he didn't seem too thrilled about it.

He shook his head. It was none of his business.

Lena didn't speak right away. So, Ron just stared at her. He never really had a good relationship with her, but it was not too bad either. He did have a better relationship with Ashley compared to Lena.

Ron didn't know why Lena was trying to create trouble for Ashley. He couldn't understand why she was incapable of being nice to her.

He really couldn't comprehend what she could gain from hurting their sister.

It was a tough spot for him to be in. On the one hand, he liked Ashley. On the other hand, he didn't exactly hate Lena. He just wanted them to be nice to each other.

However, what had happened in the family while he w

ase help me! I know you have a good relationship with Ashley. She said she was going to press charges. And her husband... her husband really loves her. He is going to take it out on our family. Ron, please! Please do something..."

Holding his hand, Lena's eyes turned blurry with tears.

However, Ron was still stunned.

He didn't understand how the situation had become so terrible. He had been just too busy at work lately and didn't have the time to pay attention to what was going on in the family.

He really didn't know why things were all going south.

Ron didn't respond. He took his phone out and tried to search for the news about Ashley. Just as he feared, the first news that popped up on his phone was about her.

The report claimed that Ashley murdered Lena's unborn baby because she was into Raymond.

Below the news piece readers had posted comments defaming Ashley.

Ron knew how kind Ashley was. He believed she wouldn't do such a thing.

The smile vanished from his face and he went pale.

Watching Ron's expression, Lena was even more worried. She asked anxiously, "Ron, say something! I know I shouldn't have done it! I already realized my mistake. I was blinded by my unrealistic dream. Ron, please help me! I won't do it again! Please!"

Seeing how remorseful Lena was, he didn't have the heart to refuse her request. However, he was heartbroken thinking about how scared and helpless Ashley must have felt when she saw the news and the comments about her.

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