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   Chapter 328 The Wedding Was Going To Be Canceled

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Cora shook Lena's hand away. "Do you really think that we are going to proceed with the wedding after what you have done? Do you think that your parents would shamelessly ask Raymond to marry you?"

After dropping those harsh facts, Cora turned on her heels and left. Lena started to get really worried.

She couldn't believe that Cora was going to cancel the wedding.

'I can't let that happen! I can't!

I have already sacrificed the baby. My plan of framing Ashley has backfired on me and has been exposed to the public. I can't afford to lose Raymond and his family's support too.

I have to find a way out of this situation!' However, when she thought about what she could do, her mind was totally blank. Lena was at a loss on what to do.

Suddenly, a person's name popped into her head. Her eyes lit up. It seemed that that name had kindled a spark of hope in her despairing mind.

That person was Ron. Ron had a good relationship with Ashley. Lena believed that Ashley would drop the charges against her if Ron spoke to her.

Lena had found a little hope in her life.

She quickly got dressed and hurried home.

Lena was so anxious to find her brother. While she sat in the taxi to take her home, it seemed like her house was on the other side of the world.

"Sir, can you drive faster?" she said to the driver in a rude and agitated tone.

"I am doing the best I can, young Lady. Yelling at me is not going to help," the driver replied.

Lena had just changed her clothes and washed her face. She didn't even have the time to put a little make-up on. She just stormed out of the hospital as quickly as she could.

She didn't listen to the doctor's advice either.

The doctor had instructed her to rest quietly in bed. She shouldn't become overly excited, and most importantly, she shouldn't go outside.

Now she was doing the complete opposite of the doctor's advice.

When she heard the driver's response, Lena became so angry that her stomach felt like it was going to explode.

Somehow, she managed to hold her anger inside, and didn't argue with the driver.

Under normal circumstances, Lena would never take a taxi. However, this was an emergency, and she was in a hurry to get back home as quickly as she could. If she had her car at the hospital, she wouldn't have had to deal with this rude driver.

She felt disgusted with the taxi and the driver. Lena couldn't believe she had to sit in a car that so many other people

an't let you in without an appointment. Would you like to make one now?" the receptionist asked politely.

Lena frowned. She pulled her phone out and made a call to Ron, but his assistant answered.

Whenever Ron was too busy, he would let his assistant handle his phone calls. So, it was the assistant who picked up Lena's call.

Lena told him who she was and the situation she was in at the front desk.

The assistant had a rough memory about Lena, so he put her on hold to check with Ron.

"Mr. Mu, a girl who claims she is your sister, is waiting in the lobby. She said she has an important matter to discuss with you."

However, what the assistant didn't know was that Ron didn't only have one sister. He had two.

Lena never really bothered Ron in the past. So, Ron assumed it was Ashley who was waiting for him.

Feeling surprised, he replied, "Is she here? Go and bring her here."

Then after thinking about it for a moment, he commented, "Don't worry about it. I'll go and get her myself."

He then put all his work aside and took the CEO elevator down to the lobby.

Seeing that Lena was calling someone, the girl at the front desk assumed that she knew someone inside the company. So she didn't give Lena a hard time.

Ron arrived at the lobby. He looked around, trying to find Ashley. However, he couldn't see her.

Frowning, he asked his assistant, "Where is she?"

The assistant replied, "She might be at the front desk."

Lena noticed Ron the second he walked in. Walking to him, she asked, "Ron, who are you looking for?"

Ron subconsciously replied, "Ashley. My assistant said she's here to see me."

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