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   Chapter 327 Can You Give Me A More Convincing Reason

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Cora was enraged.

Surprisingly, Raymond appeared calm. He looked at Lena and asked, "Are the words recorded by Ashley true? Is that how you really feel? You have deceived me, didn't you? It was you who killed our baby, right?"

Raymond bombarded Lena with questions.

Lena panicked.

She was about to admit what she had done, but thought about the consequences.

She bit her lip, and looked at him pitifully. "Raymond, you have to believe me! I haven't done that. What you have heard isn't the truth. I'll explain everything to you…"

This is all part of Ashley's devious scheme. She wants to frame me! Yes, Ashley is trying to put her blame on me!

It was our baby! Raymond, how could I hurt our baby? I love you so much. You have to believe me…

Raymond, please…"

She looked at him dolefully with tears in her eyes. Her tears gradually rolled down like broken beads.

Raymond closed his eyes and let her words replay in his mind. 'I certainly know that it is my child. But what can I do? I don't like Raymond. I took Raymond from you just because I saw him taking good care of you.

You are just an adopted orphan! How can he treat you so well? So, I wanted to see if there was anything more important than you in his mind. Ha-ha! I didn't expect him to mistake me for you when he was drunk!

And surprisingly, you have been in love with each other for three years but you have never had sex. Do you know how happy I was when I found out?

But now, my goal is to be the wife of the CEO of the Lu Group. I want to be Andrew's wife! I want to replace you!'

Lena's words echoed in his mind.

'It turned out that everything was planned by Lena.

But I was so stupid. I thought that she really loved me, and cared for me as well.

Ashley had warned me more than once. She had told me to pay attention to Lena.

But what did I do? First, I didn't believe her and then I became impatient, a

ad married a richer man, you planned to abandon poor Raymond without a second thought, am I right? And you even killed your own baby.

Look at yourself! What kind of a person are you? Do you think it'll ever be possible for anyone to believe you now? How can we allow a woman like you to become a member of the Luo family! Hah! Keep dreaming! You've fallen to such lows you cannot even compare to Ashley!"

Cora had tried to be dignified about this whole deal. It was hard for her to speak harshly, but her words were ruthless enough to shatter Lena's hopes.

When she finished, Cora started to leave.

Just the sight of Lena made her sick.

She was walking towards the door when she thought of something. She turned round and looked at Lena, "Well, the marriage link between the Mu family and the Luo family will be severed. I think your engagement with Raymond is unnecessary now. He can't have such a fiancee! You'd better find another man and never bother him again!"

Cora left without further ado.

Lena was shell-shocked.

'No! You can't do that!' Lena cried in her mind.

Cora's words terrified Lena. She caught up with Cora, clung on to her legs, and begged, "No! Aunt Cora, please don't break our engagement! I'm sorry. I won't do it again…Aunt Cora…"

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