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   Chapter 326 Lena Was Screwed

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Lena stared at Ashley with her evil eyes. "What do you want?" she asked.

Ashley leaned her head towards her left shoulder and replied, "Can't you tell?"

Even though Lena was trying her best to struggle, Ashley held her down in bed. She couldn't do anything to stop the recording.

No one knew from where Ashley had mustered up the strength to hold her down.

The first part of the conversation was all about Lena showing of her baby and trying to make Ashley envious of her.

However, Ashley's response was very calm. She sounded like she couldn't have cared less about what Lena had to show off.

"Ashley, tell me why! How can you be so calm? Tell me! Isn't he the one whom you have loved so much? How can you be so composed after knowing that I am having his baby?"

Everyone could hear the hysterical, hate, and evilness in Lena's words.

Ashley seemed to have gotten used to her craziness. Her voice came from the recording.

"What exactly is it that you want? If you don't have anything important to say, I have to go."

Everyone could tell how much Ashley wanted to leave the room from the way she was talking.

A sudden loud thump could be heard in the recording. It sounded like something had hit a wall.

It was so loud that everyone frowned.

Raymond assumed, that was when Ashley became impatient, so she pushed Lena against the wall. He shot Ashley a hateful look.

However, in the next second, he was stunned.

What Ashley said to Lena had shocked him to the core.

"Lena! What are you doing? That's your baby!"

It was Ashley's voice. She sounded horrified. And she sounded like Lena was doing something unimaginable.

Lena was hysterical. She looked at Raymond in a panic and screamed, "Raymond, please stop listening! Please don't listen to it anymore! It's not real! It's not real!"

Lena tried really hard to get off the bed and run to Raymond. However, Ashley was not going to let it happen.

She covered Lena's mouth and pressed her down on the bed.

The recording kept playing. "I know

you! You have to trust me..."

Grabbing hold of Raymond's hand, she frantically tried to explain herself.

In her heart, she was screaming Ashley's name out in hate. She couldn't believe what Ashley just did to her.

Lena never thought that Ashley would have the chance to clear her name.

The regret of not checking Ashley's phone the other day when she had the chance, was coming back to her like a heavy flood.

She couldn't feel more regretful.

However, there was no use for it now. What was done was done. She knew the only thing left for her to do now was try and win back their trust.

She could only try to explain! As long as they believed in her, she would be fine!

Cora snatched Raymond's hand away from Lena's. Lena looked at Cora in sheer panic.

Seeing how desperate Lena was, Cora sneered, "What now? Are you still trying to lie to Raymond? Haven't you done enough?"

Pushing Raymond behind her back, she continued, "I can't believe I took the day off to make you soup! I would never have expected something as horrible as this, from you!"

Looking down at the mess on the ground and smelling the delicious soup, Cora couldn't have felt the moment to be more ironic than it was now.

She had treated Lena so well. She already considered Lena as her daughter. Cora would never have thought that Lena could be so heartless.

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