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   Chapter 325 Don't Get Too Excited

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However, she didn't do anything to try and stop them.

Lena didn't know that the decision she made of not stopping them would totally ruin her life.

Even if she wanted to stop them, there was nothing she could do at this point.

"Miss Mu, can you please tell me why you have blocked my way?"

Ashley's calm voice could be heard coming from the recording. It was obvious that she was talking to Lena.

Lena's face contorted as she heard the first voice from the recording.

A feeling of dread swept over her, and she began to tremble with fear. She didn't have the audacity to let Raymond hear and discover what sort of monster she really was. Lena leaped out of bed and was about to run to Ashley. She screamed in a panic, "Turn it off! Turn it off!"

Raymond frowned, feeling a bit confused about what Ashley was trying to do when he heard the beginning of the recording.

However, when he saw how panic-stricken Lena was, he assumed it was Ashley's new way of hurting Lena.

He held her tightly in his arms and stroked her hair soothingly. "Lena, what's wrong? Don't be afraid! If you don't want them here, I'll get them to leave. Okay?"

She hid her face in his arms and started to sob, "Raymond, I don't feel good. My stomach is hurting. Can you get them to go?"

No one could see how frightened and evil her face looked.

She didn't know where Ashley got the recording from. Until she suddenly realized that Ashley had secretly recorded their conversation on that day.

Everything had fallen into place now, and her confusion had cleared up. 'No wonder Ashley was so calm about the media's false accusations.

Ashley already had hard evidence to prove her innocence.

'I can't... I won't allow Ashley to show it to everyone! I have to stop her.

Or she'll ruin my life completely!'

Knowing how horrific the outcome of the recording could turn out for her, Lena shook uncontrollably in Raymond's arms.

Lena's dramatic reaction made Ashley have to call a stop on the continuous playing of the recording.

It was beyond Ashley's expectations that Lena would react like that.

However, Ashley was here to clear her name. She wasn't going to just leave like this.

Ashley couldn't care less about her. She would never frame Lena for anything. She wasn't that type of person to do something like that.

However, when she saw her terrified look after

w evil she was right now.

She coughed to cover her feelings.

Then, she walked to Lena's bedside.

The room fell into silence once again. The recording continued.

"Do you really want to know why? Don't worry. You'll know why very soon. I have prepared a big present for you. It's a present that you'll never forget for the rest of your life," a woman said.

After a moment of pause, she continued, "To be honest with you, I'm carrying Raymond's baby right now." Her voice sounded complacent.

Everyone knew who the woman was. It was Lena.

Lena's voice on the recording sounded different from her usual voice. Lena always used a soft, weak voice when she spoke in public. However, now, it was arrogant and complacent. Her voice made people think of a mean and sinister person.

Upon hearing her voice from the recording, Lena's face turned red. Trying to get off the bed, she screamed, "Turn it off! Turn it off now! I told you to turn it off!"

She was screaming at Shea like a crazy woman.

However, Shea ignored her. He would only turn it off if Ashley told him to. Since Raymond was standing near Shea, Lena's screaming in the background didn't block the voices coming from the speaker. Ashley told Shea to turn up the volume on the speaker before they walked in. She knew that Lena might try to smother the voices from the recording with her screams.

It seemed that Ashley was right.

She held Lena in the bed and said gently, "Don't get too excited. Didn't you hear what the doctor just said? She told you to stay calm. You just need to sit there and listen."

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