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   Chapter 324 Ashley's Counterattack

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"Oh, okay," said Ashley.

She took her phone out, found the saved recording, and then handed it over to Shea.

Shea took her phone and put it on the speaker. Then he pressed play for everyone to hear.

The room suddenly fell silent. Only the recorded voices could be heard coming from the cell phone.

Since no one was talking, everyone heard the whole recorded conversation very clearly.

The recording only lasted several minutes. It was short, but it was enough to clear Ashley's name. What happened that day between Ashley and Lena was completely different from the way the media reported it in the news.

Johnny was shocked when he heard the recording. He never thought that Lena could be so ruthless.

The fact that she desired to become the wife of the CEO of the Lu Group surprised Johnny as well.

However, what really disturbed him was how she had sacrificed her unborn baby for such an unrealistic dream. When the recorded conversation had ended, Johnny had a hard time recovering from what he had just heard.

There was a saying that even a vicious tiger would not eat its cubs. Johnny didn't know how Lena could do such a horrendous thing to her baby. He concluded that a crazy woman could be more frightening than a man.

It was the second time that Andrew listened to the recording. He still couldn't get over how despicable Lena was, and he frowned. The loathing he had towards Lena had only become worse.

After the recording had ended, Shea asked, "Mrs. Lu, may I make a copy of this recording?"

Ashley felt a bit shy, being called "Mrs. Lu."

However, she replied, "Sure."

With Ashley's permission, Shea sent the recording to his phone.

Then, he said, "Mrs. Lu, may I visit the other person in the recording?"

"Of course."

Andrew stroked Ashley's hair and commented, "Johnny will go with you. There are some things that I have to do. I'll go to the company first."

If Andrew could, he would go there with Ashley.

However, he had to take care of some business.

Ashley knew how busy Andrew was. She didn't show any unhappiness on her face. She just nodded to agree.

Thus, Johnny took Ashley and Shea to Lena's room.

Thanks to Lena, Ashley knew the way to Lena's ward. She had visited Lena several times in the past few days.

Ashley glanced at Shea, who had a straight face and looked serious. She couldn't help but ask Johnny in a lo

up stories to Raymond about how Ashley had been hurting her. So she had to keep up with the whole act of being an innocent victim and gain his sympathy.

Looking at Ashley with fear in her eyes, she didn't call out Ashley's name like she did in the past visits. She then looked at Raymond and asked in a feeble voice, "Raymond, what's wrong?"

Seeing poor Lena huddled up in the corner like a frightened fawn, Raymond quickly walked over to her and replied gently, "Don't worry. Ashley just has to tell you one more thing. She will leave as soon as she finishes. I'll be here with you the whole time. Don't be afraid."

Lena gave Ashley a second glance. When their eyes met, Ashley gave her a dirty look.

For some unknown reason, Lena sensed that something terrible was going to happen to her. She had that bad feeling as soon as Ashley walked in, and it sent a shiver down her spine.

She really hoped that she was mistaken about it.

Lena hid in Raymond's arms.

Seeing how scared Lena was, Raymond felt sorry for her. His anger, aimed towards Ashley, boiled up inside of him. With irritation in his voice, he said to Ashley, "Go ahead, say whatever you need to, and then leave her alone."

"Of course. Since you really can't wait for another second, I won't make you wait any longer," said Ashley.

Then, she looked at Shea and said, "Mr. Xu, you may start."

Shea nodded and started to play the recording.

Lena snuck a peek at them from under Raymond's arm. When she saw the determined look on their faces, she knew in her gut that something horrible was about to happen.

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