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   Chapter 323 Here It Comes

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 6912

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No matter who knew that his woman was that kind of person, he wouldn't react that way.

But Lena didn't know that Andrew wasn't just an average man.

Especially when the woman concerned was Ashley.

Lena kept her head down and racked her brains, trying to think of some more effective ways to badmouth Ashley and smear her image.

Meanwhile, a pair of icy eyes were boring into her. Those eyes were like the eyes of a viper, which crept people out when they saw them.

Then Lena heard a horrible voice that would scare her for the rest of her life whenever she recalled it.

It was cold and menacing as if it came from the icy depths of the North Pole.

"If I hear you say one more word against Ashley, you will no longer exist in this world!"

After saying that, he didn't give her a second glance. He just stood up and left.

Lena stayed glued to the same spot. She was left reeling from what he said and stared at his back, petrified. It took her a few moments to compose herself.

It was only once Andrew had left the room that Lena allowed herself to relax. She released the air that she held in her lungs and squatted down abruptly, panting to catch her breath.

'That man is horrible!

His eyes could kill a person by cutting them up piece by piece.'

But on the flip side, when she thought about how gently and sweetly Andrew treated Ashley, jealousy ate away at her.

'Why? How did she earn his love?

I just spoke to him nicely for a few minutes, and he acted that way.

I won't admit defeat and give up!'

However, after what she had experienced just now, deep in her heart, she was profoundly fearful of Andrew, especially remembering how she tried to seduce him. Merely seeing Andrew again would make her too scared to raise her head and face him.

Meanwhile, outside the ward

It wouldn't be true to say that Ashley wasn't worried about Andrew at all.

She was convinced that Andrew wouldn't have any interest in that vile woman, and he would never betray her under any circumstances.

However, when she thought of him

Ashley was a little intimidated by this kind of people.

'Too serious, ' she thought.

'Probably difficult to talk to and not easy to get along with.'

Johnny observed Shea from the side and furrowed his eyebrows.

'What a pig-head! I've already told him that this is the CEO's wife. Why does he have to act so imperious? Isn't he worried that he might scare Miss Mu?'

After leading them into the room, Ashley started to make coffee for them.

Johnny saw that and offered to help immediately. "Miss Mu, let me do it. You just sit down."

'The CEO has probably never let her make coffee for him either, since he adores her so much.

If he comes out now and finds her making coffee for us, it will be the end of the world, ' thought Johnny.

Just after Johnny finished making the coffee, Andrew came out from the bedroom.

Andrew was wearing a tailor-made suit of exquisite quality, just as he always did. He was clean, fresh, and sleek. His clear-cut features and perfectly-shaped face gave out an air that kept others at a distance.

However, when he happened to turn and see Ashley, an aura of gentleness and warmth surrounded him.

Ashley went to him and said, "We have someone visiting us."

"Oh," said Andrew.

Johnny and Shea stood up with respect when they saw Andrew enter the room.

Andrew then said to Ashley, "Bring Shea the audio."

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