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   Chapter 322 I Have Faith In My Husband

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Johnny didn't know what happened to them. When they were in the hospital last time, they looked fine. It seemed that their relationship was even getting better. He really didn't know what was going on with them today.

Johnny was a bit unhappy with Ashley, and he felt sorry for Andrew. Andrew had been treating Ashley so well. However, he didn't really know how she felt about Andrew.

Raymond was walking over to them. He was Ashley's ex-boyfriend. Johnny knew it wasn't a good time for him to say anything in front him.

So Johnny just replied, "Nothing."

Ashley gazed at Johnny. She was just as confused as he was.

Thinking about what he had said, Ashley got an idea.

Johnny probably misunderstood her. He might be assuming that she was trying to set Lena and Andrew up.

There was no way known that Ashley would push Andrew to a trashy woman like Lena.

In the end, Ashley didn't say anything to Johnny. She had already told Andrew how much she loved him, and that was all that mattered. Nobody else needed to know their private affairs, even Andrew's personal assistant.

As Raymond approached them, he overheard Ashley saying that Andrew was talking with Lena alone in the room.

Raymond knew nothing was going on between them. But he still felt uncomfortable knowing that his fiancee was in the room alone with another man.

So he continued to make his way into the room where Lena was.

However, Ashley quickly walked up and blocked his way. "My dear brother-in-law, where are you going?"

Ashley told Lena many times over to stop calling her "Sis." Lena never listened, though. So Ashley couldn't be bothered correcting her anymore, and she decided to use it to her advantage. As long as she was referred to as Lena's older sister, then they had to be nice to her, at least in public. So, that wasn't such a bad thing for Ashley.

Raymond's face turned gloomy as soon as he heard Ashley calling him that. However, Ashley was right. He was her brother-in-law. So despite how gloomy he felt about it, he couldn't complain.

"I'm going inside to check on Lena. Are you okay with them staying alone in the room?"

Raymond sneered as he looked at her, feeling annoyed.

Ironically, Johnny gave her the same look.

Raymond asked Ashley the same question which he wanted to ask her earlier.

Ashley crossed her arms defiantly and replied, "I'm okay with that. I trust my husband completely. Why shouldn't I be okay with it? I think you

ompleted, and he could go.

Lena was completely taken by surprise when she saw that Andrew was about to leave. It stunned her and was beyond what she was expecting would happen.

It took her a moment to recover, and then she quickly ran to him. "Andrew, please wait. You can't..."

She hadn't finished her sentence because Andrew suddenly turned and made her stop. He looked at her without any expression in his eyes and warned, "Andrew is not a name for you to call me."

Lena's face turned red with anger. She was frightened by Andrew's temper and embarrassed by his words.

Andrew didn't make a fuss about it. He didn't have any expression at all. However, it was his lack of emotion that frightened people the most.

Lena bit her lips and thought about what she had done wrong.

She wondered what other names she could call him by since she couldn't call him Andrew. She didn't want to call him brother-in-law at all!

Because she believed that Andrew should be her man. There was no way that she wanted to admit to herself that he was Ashley's man.

However, Andrew's look was too terrifying for her. So she had to change the title for him. "Brother... brother-in-law..."

Andrew's face finally changed and softened. Noticing that his cold glare was gone, Lena asked, "Brother-in-law, is there anything you want to comment on... about... about what my Sis had done? My baby was only small. How could she have..."

Lena bit her lips. The situation was getting out of her control.

In the script that she had replayed in her head, Andrew should care about her feelings and hate Ashley after hearing what she said earlier.

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