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   Chapter 321 A Man And A Woman In A Room

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Lena had a quick look at Andrew and found that there was coldness in his eyes as he gazed at Ashley. She was feeling smug inside and thought, 'Men hate those who frame others and then pretend to be nice. Ashley, you are stupid enough to do that.

You thought that you have found true love? All that you have now will belong to me in the end.'

Lena was so confident in herself that she thought every reaction that Andrew made was because her plan was working. Whereas, in reality, Andrew was angry at Ashley because she let go of his hand.

She walked to the side of the woman that she hated the most.

But of course, Andrew wouldn't really be mad at Ashley, and he would never hurt her. So Lena was going to take the blame.

Lena's expression was appropriate, a little surprised, and a little uneasy. She said with tearful eyes, "Thank you for your concern, Ashley. I'm much better."

She secretly felt relieved. Fortunately, she had the habit of taking care of her image all the time. Otherwise, if Andrew saw her in a mess on the bed, she would regret it so much.

"Oh, that's good to hear," Ashley said, nodding.

As Ashley's eyes swept over Lena's face and saw that her eyes were fixed on Andrew, she was even more peeved inside. But thinking about the reason for coming here today, she was a little expectant.

She wanted to see what Lena would tell Andrew about her.

Also, she wanted to see how Andrew would respond to what she told him.

Picturing it in her brain, she got excited.

'Hey, stop it. Come back to reality, ' she told herself.

She snapped out of her reverie and scolded herself for being overconfident.

Ashley fixed her eyes on Lena and said, "Didn't you say you had something to tell my husband? He's here now. So tell him."

This time Lena failed to conceal her emotions, and she looked at Ashley in surprise.

'Did I say that? Why don't I remember?'

But she lowered her eyes and was feeling happy secretly. Of course, she was dying to have a chance to be with Andrew alone. She had to fool Andrew.

Though she didn't know the reasons wh

her what happened. Although Johnny was much faster than him.

Johnny went over to Ashley. He was surprised to see that she was alone, and there was no sign of the CEO. "Where is Mr. Lu, Miss Mu?"

'I saw them enter the room together, and now she has come out alone.

Where's the CEO then?'

Ashley glanced at Johnny and noticed the confused look on his face. She said casually, "Oh, Andrew, he's in the room talking to Lena."

She spoke in a way as if she was talking about the weather today and showed no sign of worry at all.

Johnny's heart lurched.

'Inside the room? Talking with Lena?'

He searched her face for some clue. But he couldn't find anything in her expression, nor could he guess what Ashley was thinking about.

Lena desired the CEO. That was obvious even to him, who was an outsider. He couldn't believe that Miss Mu couldn't see it. However, she left the CEO alone with Lena inside without a tinge of worry. Didn't she suspect something would happen at all?

Though Johnny had confidence in the CEO, he wasn't so sure about what Lena was up to. He thought Miss Mu was too carefree about the issue. Or was it because she had no feelings for the CEO at all?

His worried expression probably revealed his thoughts when he stared at Ashley. She asked him, "What's wrong?"

Johnny had the desire to ask her, 'Miss Mu, what on earth do you feel for the CEO?'

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