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   Chapter 319 Ashley's Plan

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When Andrew walked in, he saw Ashley lying on the bed. She had kicked off the covers.

Her cheeks were pink as if she had put blush on them. Her red lips were slightly pursed.

The skin revealed by her pajamas was as white as snow. It made Andrew want to leave his mark on it.

Andrew's eyes were filled with lust. Ashley was his first woman. Considerate about her feelings after the kidnapping, he hadn't touched Ashley in bed. All they did was chat and sleep.

It might have been due to the effect of the alcohol. Andrew felt that his throat was burning dry.

He felt like a thirsty man in the desert, dying for water. Ashley was the only one who could quench his thirst.

She was having trouble sleeping well. Her eyebrows were knitted. Looking at her red lips, Andrew couldn't think about anything else but kissing them. He slowly got close to Ashley.

Finally, he tasted them. He tried to stop himself, but she tasted so good that he couldn't help but taste some more.


She moaned in bed. She was frowning and seemed a bit uncomfortable.

In her semi-sleepy state, a familiar smell filled her nostrils, but it was mixed with alcohol.

Ashley slightly opened her eyes slightly. Andrew's handsome face was in front of her eyes. For a moment, she thought she was still in her dream.

Reaching her hands out, she gently grabbed Andrew's face and felt its softness.

She mumbled, "Why are you in my dream again? Why did you come back so late?"

Seeing her sweet and slightly addled expression, Andrew laughed. He put his forehead against hers and bit her lips.


She covered her mouth instantly and she looked at him.

Ashley was in doubt about this bizarre dream of hers. She shouldn't feel the pain in her dream.

"Are you out of your dream now?" he asked.

She was too stunned to think. She slowly nodded.

After a moment, she finally woke up. She asked again, "Why are you back so late?" She didn't realize that she had spoken in a coquettish tone.

He really enjoyed it. He softened his voice. "I had to go to a party. I am sorry that I c

d to stand up for Ashley kept quiet.

The Mu and the Luo families had spent quite a lot of money on the media. They hired many people to lead the public opinions. Any opposing voice would be buried under the negative comments.

Thankfully, none of this affected Ashley's life.

When she finished her work, Andrew would return to the hospital with her.

But today, when they arrived at the hospital, Ashley stopped Johnny from leaving.

"Johnny, please wait! Do you know where Lena's room is?"

He replied, "I do, Miss Mu. Do you want to go there?"

She nodded.

Andrew had asked him to check on Lena not long ago so he knew where her room was. What he didn't expect was that Ashley would want to see her. He didn't know what was on her mind.

What was more, he didn't know that she had already gone to see Lena the day before. She just couldn't remember the directions. If she did, she wouldn't have asked Johnny.

Her plan was simple. Lena wanted to see Andrew and she was going to make it happen. Lena thought Andrew would leave Ashley after he read what the media said about her.

Ashley wanted to know what Lena wanted to tell Andrew to make him fall for her.

She was certain it was not going to happen, but she still wanted to know what Lena wanted to say to him.

Andrew overheard her conversation with Johnny, and asked with a frown, "Why do you want to see her?"

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