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   Chapter 318 Meeting Lena

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Seeing Ashley close the door, Raymond walked over and asked, "How was it?"

The sound-proofing in the room was really good so Lena wasn't afraid of anyone overhearing her conversation with Ashley. Plus, Raymond would never eavesdrop on them.

Seeing how worried he was, Ashley replied, "Why don't you go inside and find out yourself?"

Dropping the last word, Ashley walked away without giving him the chance to say anything else.

She knew that no matter what she said, he would not believe her. Lena's tears had already convinced him to not trust Ashley.

She rolled her eyes at his stupidity.

Watching Ashley leave, he frowned. Then, he walked into the room.

He was stunned by Lena's appearance at the moment he walked in.

The top half of her body was hanging on the side of the bed. Her face was almost as pale as the hospital's wall. Her eyes lost their light. She looked like a body without a soul inside.

Raymond's heart tightened. He went over to her and asked gently, "Lena, what's wrong? You are scaring me!"

Lena turned her eyes to the direction of the voice. Seeing Raymond, she flung herself into his arms and called out his name. "Raymond!" she wailed.

He held her in his arms and asked, "What's wrong? Don't worry. You can tell me anything. Did Ashley say something to hurt your feelings?"

She looked at Raymond tearfully and replied, "She...she asked me to stay away from her business. I was just trying to help. I can't watch her reputation get ruined like that. But, she..."

Lena cried out loud for a while. Then she sobbed, "She also said that my baby didn't deserve to be in this world. It was its own fault... Raymond..."

Lena's crying made Raymond's heart ache.

He patted her back and tried his best to comfort her. After a while, Lena finally fell asleep in his arms.

Raymond was starting to feel angry. He didn't even know where his rage was coming from.

He wasn't sure if he was angry about what Ashley had done to Lena or the fact that she didn't ca

ews about her were all bad. The media was taking digs at her and they all pronounced her guilty of killing her sister's baby.

Of course, the Mu and Luo families were behind this public accusation. They bought a lot of comments. Or, Ashley couldn't be that popular.

If she hadn't noticed Lena's strange behavior on that day and recorded their conversation, her life would be totally ruined today.

Looking though some of the online comments about her, Ashely checked her Microblog for a while. She was exhausted.

It was nine o'clock already and Andrew still had not come.

It was the first time that he had been this late since their wedding.

She was really tired so she soon fell asleep. The AC was on and the temperature in the room was nice. Ashley had a thin cover on.

However, Ashley was frowning in her sleep. Maybe it was due to Andrew's absence. She appeared to be agitated in her sleep.

It was already midnight when Andrew came back. He had to attend a party. That was why he had asked Johnny to take Ashley back to the hospital first.

However, Johnny didn't do so. Ashley was on her own and Andrew was worried about her the whole time he was at the party. Although he tried to leave after a while, he didn't have the chance to do so. Everyone in the party stopped him from leaving. That was why he got delayed.

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