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   Chapter 317 Let's Wait And See

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Raymond had taken her to Lena's ward once, but she still couldn't remember the direction. But, she didn't really care.

Lena's room was not too far from hers. The elevator stopped on the fourth floor. Raymond led Ashley into the room.

Just as they were walking in, they bumped into Peggy, who was on her way out.

Peggy wore an expensive purple dress. Although she was a mother of two children, she still maintained herself very well. She clearly had no stress in life, and she looked like a woman in her forties.

She was blessed with good features, which made her look elegant. Ron and Lena definitely inherited their good looks from her.

Her expression turned sour when she saw Ashley.

She asked in disgust, "Why are you here? Haven't you hurt Lena enough? You're such an evil woman! How dare you show up here?"

Peggy raised her hand and she was about to slap Ashley.

Ashely narrowed her eyes and stepped behind Raymond to shield herself.

For his part, Raymond stopped Peggy and said, "Mrs. Mu! It's me who asked her to come here. She is here to apologize to Lena."

For Raymond's sake, Peggy put down her hand but she wasn't going to go easy on Ashley.

She sneered, "Apologize? She doesn't look sorry at all. Are you sure that's what she is here for? Lena's baby is gone. What's the point of her apology? It doesn't change anything."

Ashley didn't respond. She just looked at Peggy with a bland expression. Raymond cut in, "Mrs. Mu, Lena asked me to arrange this. Please let Ashley see Lena first."

Peggy barked, "No way! Lena is still in recovery. She doesn't have time for random people, especially her! If her condition worsens after seeing her, what are you going to do?"

Her words were nasty, but she had a point.

As far as she was concerned, Ashley caused Lena's miscarriage. So seeing Ashley right now might not be a good idea for Lena.

Lena was watching them arguing by the door. She didn't speak, but she was looking at Ashley smugly.

Ashley really didn't want to be here in the first place. She wasn't planning to put up with any of this.


e Lesley a second look, and she is the prettiest girl in all of J City. What makes you think that he would like you?

Don't you know this about yourself? You are not good enough to earn yourself a glance from him. If it weren't for me, he wouldn't even acknowledge your existence. Do you really think you can replace me?"

Ashley knew all about Lena's plans, and she wanted to burst her bubble.

Seeing Lena's gloomy face, Ashley finally felt better.

Ashley couldn't understand how Lena could kill her own baby for her unrealistic dream.

She couldn't understand why it was so important for Lena to be the wife of the Lu Group's CEO. She also couldn't comprehend how Lena was going to live with the fact that she murdered her own child.

Lena screamed, "Ashley! What do you mean? I am not worse than you! I don't know how you won Andrew's heart. I own everything you have and I have even more than you! What do you have that I don't?"

Lena's face turn red with anger. Ashley watched it happen and said, "Let's wait and see then. Let's see who he is going to pick, you or an 'evil' person like me!"

With that Ashley turned around and left the room without another word.

Lena watched her retreating figure and felt miserable.

She didn't believe that Andrew still loved Ashely after he heard what she had done to her.

She still believed that Andrew would be hers eventually!

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