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   Chapter 316 Guilty

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 5974

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When Raymond found out that Ashley tried to harm Lena, he assumed that she was still in love with him. He never expected her to do something like this to Lena, who was pregnant.

Studying Ashley's face, he thought to himself, 'She was a kind and virtuous girl before. What turned her into a cold-blooded bitch?'

Seeing that Ashley treated Lena so badly, he imagined that she was in love with him.

As far as he was concerned, Ashley treated Lena poorly out of jealousy. She was green with envy that Lena was carrying his baby.

Raymond truly believed that was the truth. Thus, he decided to protect Lena as he thought about her lying in the hospital.

If Ashley knew what was going on in his mind, she would laugh at him.

She didn't offer any explanations because the whole thing was still a mess. Raymond quickly believed Lena instead of investigating her claims.

There was no one except her and Lena in the bathroom.

'Please use your head.

You must feel so proud being manipulated by a woman. Ha-ha, ' Ashley thought in her mind.

She knew Raymond well, so she did not expect him to understand her.

Raymond tried to persuade Ashley to apologize. He said, "Ashley, many people are talking ill about you on the Internet. I hope you can make an apology to Lena, and I will persuade Mom to calm down."

Ashley raised her eyebrows. 'Well, now I know where those rumors are coming from. They have teamed up against me.

I'm just a nobody. Why do they treat me like the enemy?'

"So it was you guys who spread this gossip on the Internet? Why are you convinced that I am the culprit?" she asked. Deep down, she was very disappointed.

She felt pity for their kid. Lena intended to kill it to get close to a wealthier man.

Raymond frowned when he saw Ashley's

n't expect her to be so mean and nasty.

"How can you say that? You agreed to visit her.

Lena always puts herself in your shoes. Why can't you do the same? How can you do this to her? Aren't you ashamed of yourself?"

Ashley laughed sarcastically. "Why should I feel ashamed?"

'She wanted to kill her baby, and I tried my best to save her and the baby. What did she do? She pushed me away and I ended up with a concussion. I still have a headache.

What do I have to feel ashamed of?

Lena is the one who should be apologizing to me!'

"You made her lose her baby. Don't you feel at least a little guilty? What has happened to you over the years? Why have you become so cold-hearted?" he asked sadly.

An impatient look appeared on Ashley's face. She felt a dull pain in her head. 'What is he saying? Isn't he finished yet? I am harrowed now, ' she complained in her mind.

Ashley finally agreed to visit Lena just to stop his tirade.

"Okay, shut up! I will visit her!"

Raymond held his tongue and led her to Lena's ward.

She followed him quietly.

Although she knew that she and Lena were admitted in the same hospital, she had no idea which ward Lena was in.

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