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   Chapter 315 Raymond's Accusing

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Upon hearing Amaia's suggestion, Ashley heaved a heavy sigh. "Okay. Perhaps next time I'll introduce you to him. He's been swamped with work lately. So you'll have to wait."

Ashley's heart was racing.

She didn't know how Amaia would react if she knew her husband was Andrew.

Amaia agreed.

"Oh, by the way, why are you still here? Usually, you would have already left in a hurry by now. Is he going to be late to pick you up?"

Knowing now that Ashley was married, Amaia figured that it was her husband who would come to pick her up after work.

Ashley replied, "No, he has to finish some work tonight. He can't come and pick me up."

"Oh, I understand. Now I know why you're still here chatting with me," said Amaia.

Ashley held her arm and said, "All right, Amaia, let's go."

They walked out of the building. Right before Ashley said goodbye to Amaia, she saw a person whom she would prefer not to see for the rest of her life.

It was Raymond. He saw Ashley too.

Ashley was in a loose, casual white T-shirt and a pair of dark blue shorts. She had her hair pulled into a ponytail. Ashley looked young and pretty, like a college student.

It was hard for Raymond to move his eyes away from Ashley. He watched as she smiled and chatted with her friend.

The image in front of him reminded Raymond of the old times when he was with Ashley. When they used to study and hang out together, he would wait for Ashley to finish her class, and they would go on a date.

Raymond really missed those days. There was a flash of longing in his eyes. However, when he closed his eyes and opened them again, the expression in his eyes was gone.

Raymond walked straight to Ashley and called, "Ash..."

At that moment, Amaia was saying goodbye to Ashley. They were about to go their separate ways because their houses were in opposite directions. Suddenly, a handsome gentleman showed up.

Raymond was quite good looking. Compa

go ahead. I am very busy. Please make it quick."

Ashley's attitude somehow irritated Raymond. He could feel the anger building up inside of him. "Don't you think that you should go to see Lena in the hospital after what you have done to her?"

She stared at him and her eyes were really sharp. "What have I done?"

Her eyes were so pure that Raymond even doubted himself.

Thinking about Lena, pale and weak, and the words that she said to him earlier. Raymond shook his doubts away. When Lena heard about the news, the first thing she thought about was Ashley's reputation.

She never thought about herself. She only worried about Ashley.

Comparing poor Lena with the expressionless Ashley, Raymond's heart favored Lena.

Lena even asked him to talk to their mothers to keep the case low. Seeing how heartless Ashley was, Raymond couldn't help but feel sorry for Lena.

He felt terrible for Lena to have such an ungrateful sister.

His heart and his mind were on Lena's side.

The bit of doubt and sympathy that he had for Ashley was slowly fading away.

Raymond sneered, "Don't you know what you have done? I think you know very well! Ashley, how could you? How could you be so cruel? It was a baby! It was my decision to be with Lena. Why were you taking it out on her?"

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