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   Chapter 314 Already Married

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Seeing Raymond, Lena controlled her facial expression.

She put on a pitiful look and looked at him with eyes full of tears. Raymond couldn't help but feel sorry for her

and asked, "Lena, what's wrong?"

He reached out his hand and gently moved her hair to the side. Lena took the chance and held him by the waist. "Raymond, I saw the news on the Internet."

Raymond had just found out about it as well and frowned at the thought. He wasn't at all happy with the way Peggy was handling the situation.

He couldn't understand why she had to make such a show out of it to the public.

Truth be told, he was quite disgusted with what she did.

Lena cried, "Raymond, I didn't want the public to know about it. What about Ashley? Although what she did to me was terrible, I would never want to ruin her reputation..."

Then Lena cried some more.

Between sobs, Lena continued, "I knew it was unfair for me to say such a thing. It was unfair to our baby. But Ashley is my sister. I can't watch her life be ruined, and this will ruin her life... This isn't good for Ashley..."

She begged, "Raymond, please make it stop."

Lena looked at him with a face flooded with tears.

He couldn't resist her sad face and didn't have the heart to do so.

After what Ashley had done to her, Lena still cared about her reputation.

He kissed Lena's forehead and said, "Lena, you are too kind."

She clutched his hand and sobbed, "Raymond, please..."

"Okay, I'll try. I'll talk to my mother and Mrs. Mu. I will try my best to convince them to control the damage," said Raymond trying to soothe her.

Raymond just promised Lena he would try. He didn't promise anything else.

He knew Peggy and Cora very well. Once they set their minds on doing something, there was no stopping them.

"Thank you, Raymond," said Lena. Snuggling into his arms, Lena closed her eyes.

Raymond stayed with her until late in the afternoon.

Before he left, he told Lena to take good care of herself. If there was anything that she needed, he told Lena to call him immediately.

Lena nodded. As soon as Raymond left, she dropped the pitiful act and relaxed.

She couldn't care less about Ashley or her reputation. She wanted to hide from the public, any

ou say?"

Ashely repeated, "I said the person who just called me was my husband. Are you surprised?"

"Oh my gosh! Yes!"

Suddenly, Amaia held Ashley and started to scream.

Ashley quickly covered her mouth. She sighed and asked, "What are you doing?"

Fortunately, the majority of the employees in their department had already left. Or, they would think Amaia was going nuts.

Ashley didn't know why she was screaming.

Ashley's hand still covered Amaia's mouth. She was making a noise, but Ashley couldn't understand what she was trying to say. She stared at her, complaining with her eyes to Ashley for covering her mouth.

Ashley got the message and said to her, "Let's be clear. I'll let you go if you promise not to scream like you just did. Okay?"

Amaia nodded.

Ashley removed her hands from her mouth.

Finally, Amaia was free. She walked around Ashley and looked her up and down.

Ashley was speechless and felt awkward. However, she didn't know what was on Amaia's mind.

When she stopped scrutinizing her, she tapped Ashley on her shoulder and said, "Ash, well done! You are actually a married woman."

Ashley could sense the trap behind her words. She watched Amaia's movements warily. "What do you want?"

"Relax. Don't be so nervous. I don't want anything from you. I'm just curious who the guy is. I was just wondering how he tricked you into marriage so voluntarily. Why don't you take him out? We're besties! You should bring him out to dinner with us!"

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