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   Chapter 313 Leave The Rumor Be

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Ashley's eyes were fixed on Kelly. "What do you think, Miss Mo?"

Seeing Ashley's pale face and her inability to articulate earlier, Kelly didn't think highly of her. She doubted Amaia's taste in friends.

However, what Ashley said later really impressed her.

Kelly looked at her for a while. Ashley was about to give up when she suddenly said, "Okay, I will believe you just this once. I hope you don't let me down."

Ashley replied, "Thank you Miss Mo! You will not regret this!"

"All right, you may go."

With Kelly's permission, Ashley nodded and walked out.

As Kelly watched her go, she remembered that Ashley was brought into the business by Johnny. He had said that Ashley had a friend in a high position in the company. He told Kelly to take special care of her.

Kelly disliked people who took shortcuts in life. And everyone knew this about her. She was already irked about hiring Ashley under such conditions. There was no way that Kelly was going out of her way to help Ashley out.

If Kelly was being honest, she liked Ashley's attitude. Even though Ashley had taken a shortcut, unlike Sylvia, she worked diligently.

Kelly hoped Johnny didn't lie about Ashley's background. Or, she would fire her no matter what.

The second Ashley walked back to her desk, Amaia came over. Grabbing Ashley's hand, she asked, "So, what happened? Are you going to be okay, Ash?"

Ashley replied, "I am fine!"

Amaia nodded. "I knew you would be. Kelly is a good boss and we have a pretty good relationship with her. She would not fire you just like that!"

Ashley smiled back at her and nodded.

Sylvia heard their conversation. She clenched her fist and bit her lip in frustration.

She couldn't understand how Ashley could be okay. After everything that happened, Sylvia couldn't come up with an explanation why Kelly hadn't fired Ashley yet.

Of what she knew about Kelly, her boss would have fired her immediately.

Sylvia suspected that someone in the company was protecting Ashley. However, she had no clue that that person would be in such a high position that even Kelly was afraid to challenge him or her.

"Ash...Ashley, I believe you too! I know you are not that kind of a girl. Don't worry abou

ing else? Do you have anything else to report?"

Johnny replied, "No, sir."

Then, he walked out of the office. Johnny still didn't know why he was acting so strange. He didn't understand why Andrew suddenly changed his attitude towards Ashley.

In the hospital, Lena had also heard about the rumor. She was furious. If she could, she would rip the rumor-monger to pieces.

Her goal was to become Andrew's wife. She didn't want the public to know about her past. Being with Raymond and having his baby was the last thing Lena wanted others to know.

In a fit of rage, she broke everything she could in the room. However, her anger didn't subside.

She had a very beautiful albeit unrealistic dream. On one hand, she wanted to sue Ashley and destroy her life. And on the other hand, she wanted hide from everyone, the fact that she had lost her virginity to Raymond.

She was greedy. But it was nearly impossible to have it all.

Lena's dream was too good to be true.

Raymond walked in and saw the mess in the room. He looked over at Lena, who was lying in the bed with a blank expression.

After her miscarriage, Cora had asked Raymond to take care of her in the hospital and he readily agreed.

He felt that it was his fault for not being able to take care of Lena and their baby.

He put down the plate of food in his hand and walked to her. He asked in a soft voice, "Lena, what's going on? Are you feeling okay? Are you in pain? I will go get the doctor for you."

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