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   Chapter 312 The Truth

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Amaia responded to Ashley without hesitation, "Of course I believe you! Didn't you hear what I just said? Do you really think I am just talking crap?"

She rolled her eyes.

Ashley replied, "Of course not! But no matter what anyone says, I didn't do it. A clean head needs no washing. I am not afraid of anyone."

In fact, she was secretly hoping that they would blow it out of proportion. In the end, it would not harm her as she had proof.

Lena would be the one who would have to face the consequences. Ashley wasn't sure if Lena could handle it.

Not that she cared about Lena, as she had brought this on herself, but it was her problem to worry.

If she hadn't tried to make it such a big deal, the consequence might be as bad. However, it had become too late for damage control.

Looking at Ashley, Amaia frowned. "That's good. I believe you. If you didn't do it, then you don't have to be afraid of anyone."

Amaia's brows were knitted tighter. She continued, "But it's not just that. Things are more complicated than you think. It looks like they are pointing their fingers at you. But if you think about it, you are an employee of the Lu Group. They want to hurt not just you but the Lu Group as well."

Although Amaia often gave people a fickle impression of herself, she really could see things through if she wanted to.

Upon hearing what Amaia said, Ashley fell silent.

She had to agree with Amaia. Of what she knew about Lena, she definitely would ruin her life in every possible way. There was no chance that she would let Ashley stay in the Lu Group as though nothing had happened.

As an employee of the Lu Group, her problem was no longer just herself. It could directly affect the company she was working for. There were no two ways about it.

Ashley's silence made Amaia's heart lurch. She felt really bad about the way she had put it to Ashley. She should have been more subtle about it.

Amaia could imagine how bad Ashley must be feeling inside.

She blamed herself for hurting Ashley's feelings.

'How could I be so dumb to say such things to poor Ashely?' sh

department, but she really liked it here.

This was largely due to Amaia. They had become good friends in a short time while working together.

If she was fired, Ashley would feel really sad.

After half an hour of standing around in silence, Ashley shifted and said, "Miss Mo, I can explain."

Kelly stopped to look at Ashley.

Feeling nervous under her sharp gaze, Ashley fought to keep herself calm. She told herself that she should talk to Kelly just like what she told Amaia.

"I didn't do it. They are just trying to frame me. I will handle it as soon as possible. Please give me a chance and the benefit of the doubt."

Ashley finished talking anxiously and looked at Kelly in anticipation.

"Why should I believe you?" Kelly asked. She smiled and continued, "And even if I do believe you, does it prove anything?"

Ashley's face turned pale and she bit her lips. She knew Kelly was right. There was no reason for Kelly to believe her. She didn't have a good enough reason to convince Kelly to believe her either. And as Kelly rightly pointed out, even if she believed her, it wouldn't change anything.

However, Ashley looked at Kelly and pressed on, "Miss Mo, I really hope you can give me a chance to prove myself. There is always just one truth! And it will be brought to light very soon! I will handle it! And if I can't, I will accept your punishment without any complains."

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