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   Chapter 311 Became The Most Searched

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Ashley was startled. 'Did she really lose the baby?'

Johnny continued, "Lena is also insisting that you are the reason that she lost the baby. Now both the Mu family and the Luo family know about it and said that they were going to press charges against you."

When he finished, he glanced at Andrew. The look that Andrew gave him sent a shiver down his spine, and he held his breath in fear.

Ashley was astonished when she saw Andrew's reaction and stiffened.

She was processing internally what Johnny had just said.

'Lena lost her baby, and she's blaming me for it.''

Ashley had finally understood Lena's scheme. 'Lena wants to frame me and destroy my name. She wants people to believe that I'm such an evil and spiteful person, that I would even attack her unborn baby.'

Johnny interpreted Ashley's astonished expression as freaking out after hearing the shocking news. He felt sorry for her and tried to comfort her, "Miss Mu, don't worry too much. I don't believe that you would have done that. And Mr. Lu won't just sit back and watch something bad happen to you. He'll hire a team of professional lawyers to defend you."

By speaking his mind, Johnny had shown where his loyalty stood. He also buttered the CEO up at the same time by defending his wife.

He stole a glance at Andrew, who had been sitting on the side listening.

The Lu Group had the most competent lawyer team. As long as they took the case, failure was impossible.

But only the CEO could ask the lawyers to take on the case.

Given the CEO's love for Miss Mu, he wouldn't allow anyone to ruin her life.

Ashley drew back her attention, and his encouraging words had warmed her heart. It was a surprise that some people did believe her.

"Thank you very much for believing me, Johnny," said Ashley.

"Sure. We haven't known each other for long, but I do believe you. I don't think you would have done that to Lena and her baby," said Johnny sincerely.

Johnny soon felt the atmosphere in the room getting colder by the minute, and he almost got goose bumps. He sensed the coldness was

". "She coveted her sister's fiance and schemed to make her lose her baby".

"She was so merciless and cruel that she even got her claws into her own sister," said the press.

This seemed so familiar to Ashley. She just recalled another scene that was the same as what just happened.

When she was working for the Luo Group, a similar thing happened to her.

Everything was schemed out and executed by no one else but Lena.

She was still the same kind of person who liked to play mean tricks and got what she desired, by hook or by crook.

However, this time, Ashley was wrong about Lena. In fact, when Lena found out about the whole matter, she was furious.

She even broke everything in her ward.

What the heck was going on this time?

Ashley read the comments online and laughed.

Amaia watched her and was shocked by her behavior. She felt like opening her head up to see what was inside.

'How could she possibly laugh at a time like this?'

"Ashley! Why are you laughing? How can you laugh? Look at what they're saying about you! Are you nuts?" asked Amaia.

Ashley stopped laughing and looked at Amaia, who was staring at her disapprovingly and obviously worried. She knew that she was the only one in the company who treated her as a real friend. Her heart melted inside at her loyalty.

She looked at Amaia and asked seriously, "Do you believe me, Amaia?"

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