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   Chapter 310 Things Were Getting Worse

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Just thinking about it, Peggy furrowed her brows, feeling annoyed.

Lena frowned and said, "Mom, I think it might be a good idea for you to talk about it with Dad. If he finds out on his own, he will be very upset. It might not be very good for you."

Peggy didn't take Lena's suggestion too seriously. "Okay, fine. I'll find the time to tell your father. Don't worry about me. Right now, you need to concentrate on getting better. I'm going to be okay."

Seeing Peggy's attitude, Lena couldn't do anything about it. It was evident that Peggy didn't plan on listening to her.

However, if Lena's plan worked, everyone would think that Ashley was a cruel and jealous woman who had heartlessly killed her sister's baby. Then Lena's father would kick Ashley out of the family, and Andrew would leave her too. In such a case, Peggy would be fine.

When the time came, Ashley would lose everything. Then, Lena would finally replace her as the wife of the Lu Group's CEO.

After Peggy left, Lena dropped the act of faking a weak and poor person. The audience had gone. So there was no need for her to act in such a way.

Outside the room, Raymond was alone with Cora.

Cora asked, "Raymond, can you tell me what is going on? How did Lena lose the baby? And what does Ashley have to do with it? Please don't tell me that you're still seeing her."

Even though Cora loved and cared about Raymond, she wasn't going to spoil him. Cora wouldn't allow Raymond to have anything to do with Ashley.

Raymond looked at Cora hopelessly and said, "Mother! I'm not! I haven't talked to her for a while now. I let her go a long time ago, and I've already decided to be with Lena."

"Okay, I believe you. So, what happened today?" said Cora.

Raymond had no choice but to tell his mother what he knew. When he spoke about how Lena lost the baby, he hesitated.

Although he believed what Lena said, he still found it hard to believe that Ashley could do such a thing to Lena.

He knew Ashley very well. Raymond believed that Ashley was a woman of the highest integrity. But he also believed that Lena

go home.'

Although, Andrew's decision was firm. He replied, "No. It's not going to happen. You have to wait for the doctor to be sure that you are going to be okay."

Ashley gave Andrew a pitiful look.

The way Ashley looked at Andrew almost melted his heart.

He nearly gave in to the temptation and agreed to let her go home. But he stopped himself.

Logic had prevailed, and he abandoned the idea.

At this moment, Johnny came back with the information that Andrew wanted.

Coincidentally, the hospital Lena was in was the same one that Ashley was confined to.

Johnny knocked on the door and walked in. He greeted, "Boss, Miss Mu."

When Ashley saw Johnny, she couldn't help but ask, "So, what did you get? Is Lena's baby, okay?"

Even though Ashley knew deep in her heart that the baby probably didn't make it, she still hoped that it might have survived.

'It was just a baby. It was so young and innocent.'

Johnny could feel that the care Ashley had towards the baby was real. He was aware that Ashley and Lena didn't get along, but he believed Ashley. He knew Ashley would never be able to do such a cruel thing.

However, his opinion and belief didn't count for much in this world.

Seeing the weird expression on Johnny's face, Ashley was a bit confused. "What's wrong?"

After breathing a heavy sigh, Johnny told her the news. "Miss Mu, Lena's baby is gone."

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