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   Chapter 309 The Emotional Roller Coaster

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They were shocked. Nobody knew anything about Lena's pregnancy. And now, all of a sudden, they were told that the baby was gone. They were completely dumbstruck.

Peggy asked incredulously, "Lena, what's this about a baby? Tell me what is going on!"

Cora was just as confused. She thought about it, but she couldn't figure it out. She just looked at Lena and waited for her to explain.

Lena felt everyone's eyes on her. Putting her hands on her stomach, she started to sob. Tears rolled down her cheeks. She looked like she was in great pain.

Cora could guess what was going on based on Lena's reaction. However, she was not so sure about it. Feeling excited, she just ignored what Lena had said earlier.

"Lena, is this true? Are you having Raymond's baby?" Cora asked Lena excitedly.

Families like the Mu family and the Luo family used marriage to build bonds with each other and grow their businesses.

Lena was Raymond's fiancee. Cora definitely was elated about Lena's pregnancy.

Peggy looked at Lena in surprise. She was also excited about this news. Lena's pregnancy meant that the relationship between the Mu and Luo families was going to get even better.

Now, no one could challenge Lena's place in the Luo family!

Seeing the excited expression on their faces, Lena didn't say a word. Instead, she lowered her head and let her tears fall on the sheets.

Raymond said nothing either. Finally, Cora and Peggy realized that there was something wrong.

Cora asked, "Lena, why are you crying? And Raymond, why don't you say anything? Shouldn't you be happy about Lena's pregnancy? Don't you want the baby?"

Lena and Raymond remained silent.

They really didn't know what to say and how to say it.

Today was a tough day for Raymond. One moment, he found out he was going to be a father. And the next moment, the doctor told him that his baby was gone.

He was on an emotional roller coaster. He could barely deal with it himself. There was no way he could help his parents cope with it at this point.

Cora aske

hley...Ashley...It's her again! Why is she still in your life? She is not part of our family anymore! This time, I will make sure she pays for it! I am not going to let her off so easy!"

Lena looked at her in surprise and asked, "Mother, did you really kick Ashley out the family?"

Every time Lena referred to Ashley as her sister, she would tell her that she was not her sister anymore. Lena thought Ashley just didn't like the way she called her. She never thought that Peggy had really kicked Ashley out the family.

Lena asked, "Mother, does father know about this?"

Even though Spencer never cared about Ashley, he never wanted to kick her out the family.

Now that the CEO of the Lu Group was Ashley's husband, Spencer preferred to maintain a good relationship with her.

Not anyone could get the opportunity to have a word with the CEO of the Lu Group. The Mu Group had no comparison with the Lu Group.

Confronted by Lena, Peggy was contrite. She said, "I haven't told him yet and I won't dare to do so either. Your father originally just wanted to arrange her marriage. He asked me to talk to her. I didn't think she would use it as a trump card in exchange for leaving the family. Since no one was there to witness it at the time, I agreed. However, she recorded it on the phone. It's a done deal now. I can't do anything about it anymore."

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