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   Chapter 306 The Innocent Baby

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Ashley didn't forget that Lena was pregnant. She had been reminding herself to keep a distance from her. She secretly moved her hand, which was behind her, to press a button on her cell phone.

Lena hadn't noticed Ashley's little trick. She was too excited about completing her plan. 'Just one more step and Ashley's life will be ruined. I will become Mrs. Lu.'

The thought of replacing Ashley and becoming Andrew's wife already made her too worked up to think about anything else.

She laughed in her mind as she imagined Ashley becoming the murderer, who killed her sister's unborn baby out of jealousy.

Ashley would have to deal with being called a murderer for the rest of her life.

It thrilled Lena so much to think about Ashley's miserable future that she could hardly conceal her excitement.

Without Lena's noticing, Ashley brought her hand back very quickly.

Looking at Lena, Ashley asked, "Miss Mu, can you please tell me why you have blocked my way?"

Ashley's voice had brought Lena's thoughts back to the present. Lena dropped her guard and removed the fake mask that she wore in front of Andrew and Raymond. She glared arrogantly at Ashley and said, "Do you really want to know why? Don't worry. You'll know why very soon. I have prepared a big present for you. It's a present that you'll never forget for the rest of your life."

Lena was in an exceptionally good mood. She glanced at the door to make sure that no one was coming and continued, "To be honest with you, I'm carrying Raymond's baby." While speaking to her, she gave Ashley a triumphant look.

She was hoping to see the pain in Ashley's eyes. However, she found nothing. Ashley's expression remained calm, and there was no hint of jealousy or hurt in her eyes at all.

Ashley had even casually congratulated her.

"Oh, congratulations."

Her tone was so untroubled that it sounded like she was talking about the weather.

Lena smirked, assuming that Ashley was just pretending to be unaffected by the news. She knew how much Ashley loved and cared about Raymond in the past.

Knowing that Lena was going to have Raymond's baby, she thought that Ashley must be feeling heartbroken inside.

you never spent a night with him. So it was much easier than I had expected to take him away from you.

But I'm sick of him now. I want to be the wife of the Lu Group's CEO. I want to be Andrew's wife! I am going to replace you!"

Lena didn't hide her evil ideas at all from Ashley and spoke candidly. Perhaps she thought that Ashley wouldn't tell anyone. Even if Ashley did say something, no one would believe her, anyway.

Seeing Ashley lying on the ground, Lena looked down on her.

She sneered in her head, 'You're prettier than me. But I'll still win your man over!'

Ashley said, "What about Raymond? Aren't you afraid that he'll come after you when he finds out what you have done to his baby?"

"Raymond?" scoffed Lena. Smiling cynically, she continued, "He won't find out. Do you seriously think that he would believe anything you say? Do you think that he would trust you instead of me?"

While Lena spoke, she kept hitting her stomach. Before they had dinner, she had taken a drug that would cause an abortion. Hitting her stomach was her way of making the scene more horrifying.

Lena frowned due to the pains and cramps that brought on by the abortion drug. Blood began to seep through her clothes and onto the floor. She could feel sharp pains in her stomach.

Ashley was horrified when she saw the blood. She dragged herself close to Lena and yelled, "That's enough! Stop it! The baby is innocent! Let him live to see this world!"

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